Marilyn M. Schapira, MD, MPH

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Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine) at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center
Staff Physician, Philadelphia Veterans Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
Director of General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Asssociate Director of the National Clinician Scholar Program, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Division of General Internal Medicine
1316 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215 898 2022
BS (Biology)
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, 1981.
MPH (Health Planning and Administration)
University of Michigan School of Public Health, Ann Arbor, MI, 1986.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1986.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

General Internal Medicine
Women's Health

Description of Research Expertise

Shared decision making
Risk communication
Health literacy
Health numeracy

Selected Publications

Ulrich CM, Ratcliffe LJ, Hochheimer CJ, Zhou Q, Huang L, Gordon T, Knafl K, Richmond T, Schapira MM, Miller VA Mao JJ, Naylor M, Grady C : Informed consent among clinical trial participants with different cancer diagnoses. Ajob Empirical Ethics Page: 1-13, Nov 2023.

Engel-Rabitzer D, Dolan A, Shofer FS, Schapira MM, Hess EP, Rhodes KV, Bellamkonda VR, Msw EG, Bell J, Schwartz L, Schiller E, Lewis-Salley D, McCollum S, Zyla M, Becker LB, Graves RL Meisel ZF: The association between specific narrative elements and patient perspectives on acute pain treatment. American Journal of Emergency Medicine 74: 84-89, Sep 2023.

Scherer LD, Suresh K, Lewis CL, McCaffry KJ, Hersch J, Cappella JN, Morse B, Tate CE, Mosley BS, Schmiege S, Schapira MM: Assessing and Understanding Reactance, Self-Exemption, Disbelief, Source Derogation and Information Conflict in Reaction to Overdiagnosis in Mammography Screening: Scale Development and Preliminary Validation. Med Dec Making Sep 2023.

Schapira MM, Hubbard RA, Whittle J, Vachani A, Kaminstein D, Chhatre S, Rodriguez KL, Bastian LA, Kravetz JD, Asan O, Prigge JM, Meline J, Schrand S, Ibarra JV, Dye DA, Rieder JB, Frempong JO, Fraenkel L: Lung Cancer Screening Decision Aid Designed for a Primary Care Setting: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open Aug 2023.

Flynn AN, McAllister A, Kete C, Koelper NC, Gallop B, Schreiber C, Schapira MM, Sonalkar S. : Evaluation of a decision aid for early pregnancy loss: a pilot randomized controlled trial. Contraception 110077, June 2023.

Henretig FM, Wood JN, Shea JA, Schapira MM, Ruddy RM: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians' Perceptions of Colleagues' Clinical Performance Over Career Span. Pediatric Emergency Care 39( 5): 304-310, May 2023.

Nguemeni Tiako MJ, Shofer F, Dolan A, Goldberg EB, Rhodes KV, Hess EP, Bellamkonda VR, Perrone J, Cannuscio CC, Becker L, Rodgers MA, Zyla MM, Bell JJ, McCollum S, Engel-Rebitzer E, Schapira MM, Meisel ZF. : Personalized risk communication and opioid prescribing in association with nonprescribed opioid use: A secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial Academic Emergency Medicine Mar 2023.

Dedhia K, Li Y, Stallings VA, Germiller J, Giordano T, Dailey J, Kong M, Durkin A, Legg-Jack I, Nessen S, Schapira MM: Association of Diet Patterns and Post-Operative Tympanostomy Tube Otorrhea: A Pilot Study. Laryngoscope Mar 2023.

IM EO, Chee W, Paul S, Choi MY, Kim SY, Deatrick JA, Inouye J, Ma G, Meghani S, Nguyen GT, Schapira MM, Ulrich CM, Yeo S, Bao T, Shin D, Mao JJ. : A randomized controlled trial testing a virtual program for Asian American women breast cancer survivors Nature Communications 14(1), 2023.

Schapira MM, Whittle J Vachani A, Akers S, Schrand S, Kaminstein D, Chhatre S, Prigge J, Meline J, Rodriguez KL, Bastian LA, Kravetz JD, Ibarra JF, Frempong J, Asan O, Dye D, Reider J, Corn B, Fraenkel L : A Multisite Randomized Trial of a Veteran-Centric Lung Cancer Screening Decision Aid. Invited Oral Presentation, VA HSR&D/QUERI National Meeting in Baltimore, MD, Feb 8-10, 2023 2023.

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