Reagan R. Wetherill, Ph.D.

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Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Center for Studies of Addiction
3535 Market Street, Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 746-3953
B.S. (Neuroscience)
Vanderbilt University, 2002.
M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
University of Texas at Austin, 2006.
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
University of Texas at Austin, 2010.
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Selected Publications

Wetherill, R.R., Rao, H., Hager, N., Wang, J., Franklin, T.R., Fan, Y.: Classifying and characterizing nicotine use disorder with high accuracy using machine learning and resting-state fMRI Addiction Biology 24(4): 811-821, July 2019 Notes: DOI: 10.1111/adb.12644

Franklin, T.R., Jagannathan, K., Ketcherside, A., Spilka, N., Wetherill, R.R.: Menstrual cycle phase modulates responses to smoking cues in the putamen: Preliminary evidence for a novel target. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 198: 100-104, May 2019 Notes: doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2019.01.039.

Franklin, T.R., Jagannathan, K., Hager, N., Fang, Z., Wong, J., Childress, A.R., Detre, J.A., Rao, H., Wetherill, R.R.: Brain substrates of early (4 hour) cigarette abstinence: Identification of treatment targets. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 182: 78-85, January 2018.

Regier, P.S., Monge, Z.A., Franklin, T.R., Wetherill, R.R., Teitelman, A., Jagannathan, K., Suh, J.J., Wang, Z., Young, K.A., Gawrysiak, M., Langleben, D.D., Kampman, K.M., O’Brien, C.P., Childress, A.R. : Emotional, physical and sexual abuse are associated with a heightened limbic response to cocaine cues. Addiction Biology 22: 1768-1777, November 2017.

Dumais, D.M., Franklin, T.R., Jagannathan, K., Hager, N., Gawrysiak, M., Betts, J., Farmer, S., Guthier, E., Pater, H., Janes, A.C., Wetherill, R.R.: Multi-site exploration of sex differences in brain reactivity to smoking cues: Consensus across sites and methodologies. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 178: 469-476, September 2017.

Wetherill, R.R., Hager, N., Jagannathan, K., Mashhoon, Y., Pater, H., Childress, A.R., Franklin, T.R. : Early versus late onset of cannabis use: Differences in striatal response to cannabis cues. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research 1(1): 229-233, October 2016.

Wetherill, R.R., Hager, N., Guthier, E., Franklin, T.R.: Gram years: a method to standardize and quantify lifetime cannabis use. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research 1(1): 216-217, September 2016.

Wetherill, R.R., Jagannathan, K., Hager, N., Maron, M., Franklin, T.R.: Influence of menstrual cycle phase on resting-state functional connectivity in naturally cycling, cigarette-dependent women. Biology of Sex Differences 7: 24, May 2016.

Kranzler, H.R., Armeli, S., Wetherill, R.R., Feinn, R., Tennen, H., Gelernter, J., Covault, J., Pond, T.: Self-efficacy mediates the effects of topiramate and GRIK1 genotype on drinking. Addiction Biology 21(2): 450-459, March 2016.

Wetherill, R.R., Jagannathan, K., Hager, N., Childress, A.R., Rao, H., Franklin, T.R.: Cannabis, cigarettes, and their co-occurring use: Disentangling differences in gray matter volume. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology 18(10): pyv061, June 2015

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