Stamatia Alexiou, M.D.

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Colket Translational Research Building, 9th Fl.
3501 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-3749
Fax: 215-590-3500
B.A. (Psychology)
Boston University , 2003.
MD (Medicine)
Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland, 2008.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Chronic Lung Disease
Mechanical Ventilation
Cystic Fibrosis

Selected Publications

Gibbs K, Jensen EA, Alexiou S, Munson D, Zhang H.: Ventilation Strategies in Severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. Neoreviews 21(4): e226-e237, April 2020.

Sillers L, Alexiou S, Jensen E. : Lifelong pulmonary sequelae of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Current Opinion in Pediatrics 32(2): 252-260, April 2020.

Piccione J., Alexiou S.: Chronic ventilator dependence in infants. Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine 24(5), October 2019 Notes: Co-editor for the 7 publications within the issue.

Alexiou SA, Cheng PC, Rubenstein RC.: Safety and Efficacy of Treatment with Lumacaftor in Combination with Ivacaftor in Subjects Aged 6-11 with Cystic Fibrosis. Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine. Taylor & Francis, 13(5): 417-423, May 2019.

Gibbs K, Fox W, Dysart K, Kleinman, S, Nilan K, Morris H, Napolitano N, Alexiou S, Bamat N, Mckenna KJ, Jensen EA, Maschoff K, Peterside IE, Munson DA, Panitch HB, Zhang H. : "Patterns of PEEP Use in Infants Referred to the NeoCLD Program at CHOP: Characteristics and Outcome Prediction". Poster presentation at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting, Baltimore, MD. April 2019.

Napolitano N, Zhang H, Hanks J, Peifer M, Soorikian L, Stoller J, Alexiou S, Panitch HB. : “Novel development of a PEEP Grid procedure by Respiratory Therapists to determine optimal PEEP for pulmonary mechanics in the severe BPD population.” Platform presentation at the Eastern Society for Pediatric Research Scientific Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. March 2019.

Nelin TD, Lorch S, Jensen E, Alexiou, S, Gibbs K, Napolitano N, Bodenstab H, Susan F, Shults J, Bamat N. : "Impact of chronic diuretic exposures on enteral electrolyte use in infants with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia admitted to United States Children’s Hospitals." Platform presentation at the Eastern Society for Pediatric Research Scientific Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. March 2019.

Alexiou S, Piccione J. : Neuromuscular Disorders and Chronic Ventilation. Semin Fetal Neonatal Med. 22(4): 256-259, August 2017.

Alexiou S, Beck SE: Hemoptysis. The 5-minute Pediatric Consult (8th ed.) May 2017.

Alexiou S, Piccione J. : Long-Term Ventilator Dependency in Patients Without Lung Disease. Manual of Neonatal Respiratory Care (4th ed). Steven M. Donn and Sunil K. Sinha (eds.). April 2017.

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