Erica R. Tabakin, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Core Faculty, Emergency Medicine Education Scholarship Fellowship, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Emergency Medicine (EM200) Clerkship Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine
Physician Lead, Sepsis and Critical Care Surveillance, Department of Emergency Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Respiratory Pathogen Committee, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Emergency Medicine

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine
Department of Emergency
3400 Spruce Street
Ground Ravdin
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283
BS (Chemistry)
The College of New Jersey, 2009.
MD (Medicine)
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 2013.
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Selected Publications

Orloski CJ, Tabakin ER, Shofer FS, Myers JS, Mills AM.: Grab a Seat! Nudging Providers to Sit Improves the Patient Experience in the Emergency Department. Journal of Patient of Experience Page: 1-7, July 2018.

Sangal RB, Tabakin ER, Scott KR: Man with Rash. Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine 9: 37-38, 2017 Notes:

Adebusuyi, OA; Ali, TN; Orloski, CJ; Tabakin, ER; Petty, J; Mcginn-Natali, A; Schultz, L; Mills, A; Senger, J; Shofer, FS; Myers, JS : Does Sitting Enhance Patient Satisfaction in the Hospital? Journal of Hospital Medicine 12 (suppl 2), 2017.

Khani F, Fleming T, Collins C, Tabakin ER, Bradley LM, Hunt DA : Regioselectivity Differentiation in Metalations of 3,5-Dichloro-Tertiary versus Secondary Benzamides. International Journal of Organic Chemistry 6(2): 142-146, Jun 2016 Notes: DOI: 10.4236/ijoc.2016.62015

Tabakin ER, Dean AJ, Panebianco NL: An Alternative Explanation of Abnormal Globe Contour. Journal of Emergency Medicine 48: e77-e79, 2015.

Nayak S, Fiaschi M, King D, Tabakin ER, Wood L, Hunt DA: Development of Small Molecular Proteasome Inhibitors Using a Caenorhabditis elegans Screen International Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2014(237286): 14 pages, 2014 Notes: doi:10.1155/2014/237286.

Shiroff AM, Gale SC, Merlin MA, Crystal JS, Linger M, Shah AD, Beaumont E, Lustiger E, Tabakin ER, Gracias VH: Enhancing the Tissue Donor Pool Through Donation After Death in the Field. Prehospital Disaster Medicine 28: 1-4, 2013.

Bradley LM, Collins CG, Tabakin ER, Hunt DA: Expedient Preparation of 4,6-Dihalo-3-arylisobenzofuran-1(3H)-ones from 3,5-Dihalo-N-ethylbenzamides. Organic Preparations and Procedures International 42: 187-190, Apr 2010 Notes: DOI: 10.1080/00304941003727045.

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