Sara L Partington, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Attending Physician, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
Attending Physician, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP)
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BA & Sc ( Bachelor of Arts and Science)
McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada , 1999.
MD (Medicine)
McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, 2003.
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Selected Publications

Joyce J, Convery M, Donnelly E, Jones A, Giner C, Biko D, Harris MA, Partington SL, Whitehead K, Quatermain MD, Mercer-Rosa LM, Fogel MA: Diffuse Myocardial Fibrosis, Its Distribution And Relationship To Clinical Outcome And Ventricular Function In Single Ventricles Before And After Fontan: A Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Outcome Study. Circulation 146(Suppl_1): A12034, November 2022.

Fogel MA, Donnelly E, Reddy AMK, Faerber J, Zhang X, Goldmuntz E, Harris MA, Biko M, Partington SL, Paridon S, Mcbride M, Ferrari V, Whitehead K, Merder Rosa LM: True Prediction Model f Clinical Outcome in Tetralogy of Fallot Using Contraction Fraction From the Single Center Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Outcomes Registry in Tetralogy of Fallot. Circulation 146(Suppl_1), November 2022.

Vaiyani D, Harris MA, Whitehead KK, Jones AL, Biko DM, Partington SL, Restaino KM, Lin KY, Fogel MA: Myocardial Tissue Characterization and Strain by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance and Their Relationship in Pediatric Patients With Acute Myocarditis Within 2 Weeks of Presentation. Circulation 146(Suppl_1), November 2022.

Ghosh RM, Elbaz M, Nallamothu T, Jones A, Rychik J, Harris MA, Partington SL, Biko D, Whitehead K, Fogel MA: Form and Function: 4D Flow Derived Hemodynamic Parameters in the Ascending Aorta is Reflective of Transverse Aortic Arch Dilation in Patients With Single Ventricle Physiology. Circulation 146(Suppl_1), November 2022.

Ghosh RM, Whitehead KK, Harris MA, KalbE, Chen JM, Partington SL, Biko DM, Faerber J, Fogel MA: Longitudinal Trends of Vascular Flow and Growth in Patients Undergoing Fontan Operation. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery. (eds.). S0003-4975(22): 01119-5, Aug 18 2022.

Patel B, Serper M, Ruckdeschel E, Partington SL, Andrade L, Tobin L, Kim Y, Hoteit MA: Clinical Complications of Liver Disease in Adults after the Fontan Operation. International Journal of Cardiology Congenital Heart Disease 8: 10037, June 2022.

Markman TM, John L, Kalluri AG, Tzou WS, Badertscher P, Winterfield J, Partington SL, Santengelli P, Chung FP: Catheter Ablation of Ventricular Arrhythmias with Indirect Evidence of Critical Substrate Elements Protected by Prosthetic Material. Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Clinical Electrophysiology 8(5): 677-679, May 2022.

Ramirez-Suarez KI, Tierradentro-GarcĂ­a LO, Otero HJ, Rapp JB, White AM, Partington SL, Harris MA, Vatsky SA, Whitehead KK, Fogel MA, Biko DM: Optimizing neonatal cardiac imaging (magnetic resonance/computed tomography). Pediatric Radiology 52: 661-675, 2022.

Vaiyani D, Elias MD, Biko DM, Whitehead KK, Harris MA, Partington SL, Fogel MA: Patients with Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Myocarditis have Greater Strain than those with Non-Vaccine Myocarditis. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 79(9): 1399, 2022.

Fogel MA, Donnelly E, Crandell I, Hanlon A, Raevsky A, Whitehead KK, Harris MA, Partington SL, Biko DM, Flynn T, Nicolson S, Licht D, Vossough A: Inverse Relationship Between Cerebral Blood Flow and Systemic to Pulmonary Collateral Flow in Fontans Adjusting for Brain Injury: What Goes up Must Come Down-and Visa Versa. Circulation 144(Supplement 1), November 2021 Notes: Moderated poster.

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