Izabela Milaniak, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Attending Psychologist, Anxiety Behaviors Clinic, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Co-Lead CBT Clinic, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Training Team
Instructor, University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology, Graduate Studies, Clinical Psychology PhD Program
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
4601 Market St.
Philadelphia, 19104
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BA (Psychology)
The College of New Jersey, 2012.
MA (Psychology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2015.
PhD (Clinical Psychology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2020.
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Selected Publications

Williamson, A. A., Milaniak, I., Watson, B., Cicalese, O., Fiks, A. G., Power, T. J., Barg, F. K., Beidas, R. S., Mindell, J. A., & Rendle, K. A.: Early childhood behavioral sleep intervention in urban primary care: Perspectives from caregiver and clinician stakeholders. Journal of Pediatric Psychology 45(8): 933-945, 2020.

Milaniak, I. & Jaffee, S.R.: Childhood socioeconomic status and chronic inflammation: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 78: 161-176, May 2019.

Milaniak, I. & Jaffee, S.R.: Childhood Socioeconomic Status and Chronic Inflammation: A Meta-analysis. Poster presented at the Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting, Minneapolis, MN. April 2018.

Feiring, C., Milaniak, I., Simon, V. A., & Clisura, L.: Gender and negative emotion during narratives about romantic conflict: Links to conflict strategies. Journal of Relationships Research 8: e7, May 2017 Notes: Online only. doi: 10.1017/jrr.2017.9.

Milaniak, I. & Jaffee, S.R.: Exposure to Violence: The Impact of Poly-victimization on Indicators of Health in Young Adulthood. Poster presented at the Society for the Research on Child Development Biennial Meeting, Austin, TX. April 2017.

Milaniak, I., Cecil, C.A.M., Relton, C., Guant, T., McCardle, W., Barker, E.D. & Jaffee, S.R.: Oxytocin Receptor gene (OXTR) DNA methylation and resilience to prenatal environmental risk. Developmental Psychopathology 29(5): 1663-1674, 2017.

Feiring, C., Petit*, C. Eckert*, A. & Milaniak*, I. : Emotional Arousal during Narratives about Romantic Relationship Conflict: Gender Differences and Relationship Functioning. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development. Philadelphia, PA. March 2015.

Milaniak, I.,* Watson, B.,* Jaffee, S.R.: Gene-environment interplay and substance use: A review of recent findings. Current Addiction Reports 4(2): 1-8, 2015 Notes: * denotes co-first authors.

Milaniak, I., & Widom, C.S.: Does child maltreatment increase risk for perpetrating multiple types of violence? Psychology of Violence 5(3): 246-255, 2015.

Milaniak, I. & Feiring, C.: Gender Differences in the Emotion Regulation of Anger and Sadness in Late Adolescent Narratives about Romantic Relationships Conflicts. Poster presented at the Eastern Psychological Conference, New York, NY March 2013.

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