Paul N. Fiorilli, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Assitant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
Department: Medicine

Contact information
11th Floor South Perelman
34th Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-2181
Fax: 215-615-3073
B.S. (B.S. Honors in Biology and English)
Georgetown University, 2006.
M.D (Doctor of Medicine)
Georgetown University School of Medicine, 2010.
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Selected Publications

Nathan AS, Reddy KP, Yang L, Eberly LA, Dayoub EJ, Khatana SAM, Julien HM, Desai ND, Szeto WY, Herrmann HC, Kobayashi TJ, Fiorilli P, Batchelor WB, Mehran R, Alkhouli MA, Giri J, Groeneveld PW, Fanaroff AC.: Characteristics of Clinical Trial Sites for Novel Transcatheter Mitral and Tricuspid Valvular Therapies. JAMA Cardiol Dec 2022.

Khan F, Fiorilli P, Messé SR, Kasner SE, Derbas LA, Kavinsky CJ, Favilla CG.: Clinicians' Approach to Patent Foramen Ovale Closure after Stroke: Comparing Cardiologists and Neurologists. J Am Heart Assoc 11: e025598, Jul 2022.

McCaffrey JA, Dhakal BP, Nathan AS, Ortega-Legaspi J, Fiorilli PN, Mather PJ, Supple GE.: Loss of Right Atrial Pacing Lead Capture Due to Myocardial Infarction Obscuring Diagnosis on Electrocardiogram. JACC Case Rep 4: 890-894, Jul 2022.

Giri J, Fiorilli PN.: Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Just Turn TAVR Into an Outpatient Procedure? JACC Cardiovasc Interv 15: 599-602, Mar 2022.

Naidu S, Chen T, Fiorilli P, Li RH, Desai N, Szeto WY, Giri J, Kobayashi T, Atluri P, Herrmann HC.: Measuring TAVR Prosthesis Gradient Immediately Post-Procedure May Underestimate its Significance. JACC Cardiovasc Interv 15: 120-121, Jan 2022.

Fiorilli PN, Halaby R.: Self-Expanding TAVR in Large Annuli: Challenges and Implications. Cardiovasc Revasc Med 2022.

Helfer DR, Helber AR, Ferko AR, Klein DD, Elchediak DS, Deaner TS, Slagle D, White WB, Buckler DG, Mitchell OJL, Fiorilli PN, Isenberg D, Nomura J, Murphy KA, Sigal A, Saif H, Reihart MJ, Vernon TM, Abella BS.: Clinical factors associated with significant coronary lesions following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Acad Emerg Med 2022.

Nathan AS, Fiorilli PN, Giri J.: Trial End Points and Measures of Quality: Similar but Different. Circ Cardiovasc Interv 2022.

Smith CL, Seigerman M, Adusumalli S, Giri J, Fiorilli PN, Kolansky DM, Kobayashi T.: Evolution and Outcomes of Premature Coronary Artery Disease. Curr Cardiol Rep 23: 36, Mar 2021.

Kunkel KJ, Fiorilli P, Kobayashi T, Desai ND, Anwaruddin S, Herrmann HC.: Snare-Assisted Valve Positioning of Self-Expanding Valves for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement. JACC Case Rep 3: 658-662, Mar 2021.

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