Golkoo Hosseini

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Faculty Champion for Neuromodulation Certificate Program, Penn Psychiatry Residency Program
Faculty Champion for the Wellness Certificate Program, Penn Psychiatry Residency Program
Department: Psychiatry

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3535 Market St
2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Azad University, Mashhad Branch, 2010.
University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education, 2015.
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Selected Publications

Michael J. Nakkula and Andrew J. Schneider-Muñoz: Positive Youth Development in Iran: Living within Contradictions. Adolescent Psychology in Today's World Global. Perspectives on Risk, Relationships, and Development. Praeger Page: 1021, November 2018.

Ardani, A.R., Hosseini, G., Bordbar, M.R.F., Talaei, A., & Toroghi, H.M.: Effect of rivastigmine augmentation in treatment of male patients with combat-related chronic posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 37(1): 54-60, February 2017 Notes: PMID: 27930500.

Beheshti, A.T., Toroghi, H.M., Hosseini, G., Zarifian, A., Shandiz, F.H., & Fazlinezhad, A: Carvedilol administration can prevent doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity: a double-blind randomized trial. Cardiology 134(1): 47-53, April 2016 Notes: doi: 10.1159/000442722. Epub 2016 Feb 12. PMID: 26866364.

Shandiz, F.H., Fazlinezhad, A., Beheshti, A.T., Toroghi, H.M., Hosseini, G., & Bakaiyan, M.: Strain imaging and anthracycline cardiotoxicity. British Journal of Cariology. 2016(23): 68-72, April 2016.

Ebrahimi M., Allahyari A., Ebrahimi M., Mostafavi Toroghi H., Hosseini G., Karimi M., Rezaiean A., & Kazemi M.R.: Effects of dietary honey and ardeh combination on chemotherapy- induced gastrointestinal and infectious complications in patients with acute myeloid leukemia: a double-blind randomized clinical trial. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 15(2): 661-668, April 2016.

Nouri, M., Sadeghian, R., Nematy, M., Hosseini, G., Mostafavi-Toroghi, H., Tavallaie, S., & Ghayour-Mobarhan, M.: Comparison of Prooxidant-Antioxidant Balance between the hospitalized patients and the healthy subjects. International Medical Journal. 22(6): 517-520, December 2015.

Kazemian, M., Baniasadi, M., Hosseini, G., & Bordbar, M. F.: Investigation of Theory of Mind in schizophrenia based on positive and negative symptoms, gender, type of delusions and episodes. European Psychiatry. 30(1): 920, March 2015.

Danesh Sani, S.H., Etemadi, M., Shahri, B., Mostafavi-Toroghi, H., Hosseini, G., Vejdanparast, M., Nikkhah, N., & Danesh Sani, S.A.: Association between size of patent foramen ovale and migraine with aura in comparison with migraine without aura. International Medical Journal 22(1): 27-29, February 2015.

Cheshani, M.I., Hosseini, G., Mostafavi-Toroghi, H., Hakemi, A., & Eghbali, K.: Comparison of perioperative prophylactic antibiotic protocols in preventing the infectious complications after open prostatectomy. International Medical Journal. 22(1): 33-35, February 2015.

Baniasadi, M., Hosseini, G., Bordbar, M.R.F., Ardani, A.R., & Toroghi, H.M.: Effect of pregabalin augmentation in treatment of patients with combat-related chronic posttraumatic stress disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Psychiatric Practice®. 20(6): 419-427, November 2014 Notes: doi: 10.1097/01.pra.0000456590.12998.41. PMID: 25406046.

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