Katherine M. Fischer, MD

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Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Surgery

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Division of Urology
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3401 Civic Center Boulevard, 3rd Fl. Wood Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2155902754
BS (Biology and Psychology (Summa Cum Laude))
Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore, MD, 2011.
SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY, 2015.
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Selected Publications

Fischer KM: Editorial Comment. Journal of Urology 210(6): 906-907, Dec 2023.

Fischer KM, Beland L, Samet E, Berry A, Messina A, Zderic S, Van Batavia J. : Brain Bladder Flow: Do Patients With LUTS And Neuropsychiatric Co-Morbidities Have Differences In Uroflow Patterns? Accepted to 2023 Society of Pediatric Urology Fall Congress. September 2023.

Zaontz M, Fischer KM. : Cutaneous Ureterostomy: Our approach, tips & tricks. Accepted to 2023 Society of Pediatric Urology Fall Congress. September 2023.

Godlewski K, Hyacinthe N, Fischer K, Mittal S, Van Batavia J, Weiss D, Srinivasan A, Shukla A, Kolon T, Zaontz M, Long C: How Effectively Do We Correct Curvature In Proximal Hypospadias? - A Comprehensive Single Institution Review. Accepted to 2023 Society of Pediatric Urology Fall Congress September 2023.

Siegal AR, Beland L, Hyacinthe N, Long CJ, Zaontz MR, Godlewski K, Weiss DA, Van Batavia J, Ai E, Moran C, Shukla AR, Srinivasan AK, Mittal S, Zderic SA, Kolon, TF, Fischer KM. : Disparities In The Follow-Up And Presence Of Complications After Distal Hypospadias Repair. Accepted to 2023 Society of Pediatric Urology Fall Congress. September 2023.

Wu J, Fischer K, Li Y, Schurhamer B, Largent A, Logan J, Singh A, Garratt J, Ziemba J, Tasian G, Fan Y. : Statistical Spatial Mapping of Kidney Stones Based on a Kidney Atlas Derived from CT Scans. Accepted to 2023 American Urologic Association Annual Meeting. September 2023.

Fischer KM, Samet E, Messina A, Berry A, Zderic SA, Van Batavia JP: Who needs an ultrasound? Using patient symptom questionnaire & UTI history to determine when to obtain an RBUS in children with non-neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction. Journal of Pediatric Urology July 2023.

Godlewski KF, Mittal S, Hyacinthe N, Fischer K, Weaver J, Van Batavia J, Weiss D, Srinivasan A, Shukla A, Zderic S, Kolon T.: Does preoperative testosterone administration decrease complications in distal hypospadias repair with urethroplasty. The Journal of Urology. 2023 May 17:10-97. May 2023.

Fischer KM, Van Batavia J, Hyacinthe N, Weiss DA, Tan C, Zderic SA, Mittal S, Shukla AR, Kolon TF, Srinivasan AK, Canning DA, Zaontz MR, Long CJ.: Caudal anesthesia is not associated with post-operative complications following distal hypospadias repair. Journal of Pediatric Urology March 2023.

Weaver JK, Milford K, Rickard M, Logan J, Erdman L, Viteri B, D'Souza N, Cucchiara A, Skreta M, Keefe D, Shah S, Selman A, Fischer K, Weiss DA, Long CJ, Lorenzo A, Fan Y, Tasian GE.: Deep learning imaging features derived from kidney ultrasounds predict chronic kidney disease progression in children with posterior urethral valves. Pediatric Nephrology 38(3): 839-846, Mar 2023.

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