Meghan M Galligan, MD, MSHP

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Senior Fellow , Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Hub for Clinical Collaboration, 15th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
AB (Neurobiology; Mind/Brain/Behavior track)
Harvard College, 2010.
MD (Medicine)
Stanford University School of Medicine, 2015.
MSHP (Health services research, healthcare improvement, patient safety )
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, 2021.
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Selected Publications

Galligan MM, DeBrocco D, Friedlaender E.: Debriefing During a Mental Health Crisis. Journal of Hospital Medicine 16(7): 440-442, 2021.

Galligan MM, Wolfe HA, Papili KE, Porter E, O'Shea K, Liu H, Colfer A, Neiswender K, Granahan K, McGowan N, McGrath AM, Shaw KN, Sutton RM.: Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Debriefing Process for Pediatric Ward Deterioration Events. Hospital Pediatrics 2021.

Galligan MM, Goldstein L, Washington N, Bonafide CP.: Preserving Margins to Promote Missions: COVID-19's Toll on US Children's Hospitals. Journal of Hospital Medicine 2021.

Hogan AK, Galligan MM, Stack N, Leach K, Aredas B, English R, Dye M, Rubin RA : Tertiary Care-Based Complex Care Program: Improving the Care for Children with Medical Complexity. Medical Care 58(11): 958-962, 2020.

Stewart MT, Reed S, Reese J, Galligan MM, Mahan JD.: Conceptual models for understanding physician burnout, professional fulfillment, and well-being. Curr Probl Pediatr Adolesc Health Care 2019.

Walter JK, Schall TE, DeWitt AG, Faerber JF, Griffis HG, Galligan MM, Miller VM, Arnold RA, and Feudtner, C. : Interprofessional Team Member Communication Patterns, Teamwork, and Collaboration in Pre-Family Meeting Huddles in a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. J Pain and Symptom Manage 58(1): 11-18, 2019.

Galligan, MM, Bamat TW, Hogan AK, and Piccione J.: The Pediatric Aerodigestive Center as a Tertiary Care-Based Medical Home: A Proposed Model. Curr Probl Pediatr Adolesc Health Care 48(4): 104-110, 2018.

Galligan MG, Feinstein C, Sulkes SS, Bisagno JM, and Stein MT. : Asperger Syndrome and DSM-5: a dilemma for a college freshman. J Dev Behav Pediatr 34: 529-532, 2013.

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