Anna M Wexler, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
Department: Medical Ethics and Health Policy

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Medical Ethics and Health Policy
14th Floor Blockley Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017.
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Selected Publications

Wexler A: Direct-to-Consumer Neurotechnology: A Grounded Appraisal. American Journal of Bioethics-Neuroscience 10(4): 172-174, Oct-Dec 2019.

Wexler A: Separating Neuroethics from Neurohype. Nature Biotechnology 37(9): 988-990, Sept 2019.

Guerrini C, Wexler A, Zettler P, McGuire A: Biomedical Citizen Science or Something Else? Reflections on Terms and Definitions. American Journal of Bioethics - Neuroscience 19(8): 17-19, Aug 2019.

Wexler A: Innovative Practice Outside of Medical Institutions. American Journal of Bioethics 19(6): 41-42, Jun 2019.

Wexler A, Joffe S: 5 ways to address the challenges of direct-to-consumer health products. STAT Apr 2019 Notes:

Solinsky R, Specker-Sullivan L, Wexler A: Current Barriers and Ethical Considerations for Clinical Implementation of Epidural Stimulation for Functional Improvement after Spinal Cord Injury. Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine [Epub ahead of print] 2019.

Green CS, Bavelier D, Kramer AF, Vinogradov S, Ansorge U, Ball KK, Bingel U, Chein JM, Colzato LS, Edwards JD, Facoetti A, Gazzaley A, Gathercole SE, Ghisletta P, Gori S, Granic I, Hillman CH, Hommel B, Jaeggi S, Kanske P, Karbach J, Kingstone A, Kliegel M, Klinberg T, Kuhn S, Levi D, Mayer R, McLaughlin A, McNamara D, Morris M, Nahum M, Newcombe N, Panizzutti R, Prakash R, Rizzo A, Schubert T, Seitz A, Short S, Singh I, Slotta J, Strobach T, Thomas M, Tipton E, Tong X, Vlach H, Wetherell J, Wexler A, Witt CM: Improving Methodological Standards in Behavioral Interventions for Cognitive Enhancement. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement 3: 2-29, 2019.

Wexler A, Reiner P: Oversight of Direct-to-Consumer Neurotechnologies. Science 363: 234-235, 2019.

Wexler A, Nagapanna A, Kopyto D: Neuroenhancement for Sale: Assessing the Website Claims of Neurofeedback Providers (Selected for oral abstract presentation). International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL 2019.

Hendriks S, Grady C, Ramos KM, Chiong W, Fins JJ, Ford P, Goering S, Greely HT, Hutchison K, Kelly ML, Kim SYH, Klein E, Lisanby SH, Mayberg H1, Maslen H, Miller F, Rommelfanger K, Sheth SA, Wexler A1: Ethical Challenges of Risk, Informed Consent, and Posttrial Responsibilities in Human Research With Neural Devices: A Review. JAMA Neurology [Epub ahead of print] 2019.

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