Sara Handley, MD, MSCE

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Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Associate Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania
Attending Physician, Division of Neonatology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Neonatology
2nd Floor Main Building
34th and Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-455-5280
BA (Chemistry)
St. Olaf College, 2007.
University of Minnesota Medical School, 2012.
MSCE (Clinical Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2019.
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Description of Research Expertise

Sara Handley, MD, MSCE, is a health services researcher focused on evaluating the impact of the perinatal health care system, including institutional structure, organizational culture, and unit processes on perinatal outcomes and outcome variation. Perinatal health system factors in her research include perinatal regionalization (i.e. levels of care, risk-appropriate care delivery), organizational culture (i.e. maternal-, neonatal- and mother-infant-centered culture), and neonatal care processes (i.e. delivery room and in unit resuscitation, umbilical cord management at birth).

Selected Publications

Salazar EG*, Handley SC*, Greenberg LT, Edwards EM, Lorch SA: Association Between Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Type and Quality of Care in Moderate and Late Preterm Infants JAMA Pediatrics January 2023 Notes: * Indicates co-first authorship.

Tan MT, Darden N, Peterson K, Trout KK, Christ L, Handley SC, Kornfield SL, Power ME, Montoya-Williams D, Lewey J, Gregory EF, Lorch SA, DeMauro SB, Levine LD, Burris HH. : Bringing postpartum care to the NICU-An opportunity to improve health in a high-risk obstetric population. Journal of Perinatology January 2023.

Handley SC, Passarella M, Interrante JD, Kozhimannil KB, Lorch SA: Perinatal Outcomes for Rural Obstetric Patients and Neonates in Rural-Located and Metropolitan-Located Hospitals. Journal of Perinatology Page: doi: 10.1038, December 2022 Notes: epub.

Handley SC, Ledyard R, Lundsberg LS, Passarella M, Yang N, Son M, McKenney K, Greenspan J, Dysart K, Culhane JF, Burris HH: Changes in Prenatal Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Frontiers in Pediatrics, section Neonatology November 2022.

Salazar EG, Handley SC, Greenberg LT, Edwards EM, Lorch SA: Measuring quality of care in moderate and late preterm infants. Journal of Perinatology Page: doi: 10.1038, October 2022 Notes: epub.

Mullin AM, Handley SC, Lundsberg L, Elovitz MA, Lorch SA, McComb EJ, Montoya-Williams D, Yang N, Dysart K, Son M, Greenspan J, Culhane JF, Burris HH: Changes in preterm birth during the COVID-19 pandemic by duration of exposure and race and ethnicity. Journal of Perinatology 17: 1-7, October 2022.

Handley SC*, Kumbhat K*, Eggleston B, Foglia EE, Davis AS, Van Meurs K, Lakshminrusimha S, Walsh M, Watterberg KL, Wyckoff MH, Das A, DeMauro SB: Exposure to umbilical cord management approaches and death or neurodevelopmental impairment at 22-26 months' corrected age after extremely preterm birth. Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Edition October 2022 Notes: * Indicates co-first authorship.

McKenney KM, Lundsberg LS, Burris HH, Ledyard RF, Son M, Greenspan J, Handley SC, Dysart K, Culhane J: The Uptake of Telemedicine in Obstetric Care during the Early Acute Phase of the Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic. Telemedicine and e-Health Page: doi: 10.1089, September 2022 Notes: epub ahead of print.

Bamat NA, Orians CM, Abbasi S, Morley CJ, Ross-Russell R, Panitch HB, Handley SC, Foglia EE, Posencheg M, Kirpalani H: Use of ventilation/perfusion mismatch to guide individualized CPAP level selection in preterm infants: a feasibility trial. Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Edition September 2022.

Handley SC, Passarella M, Martin AE, Lorch SA, Srinivas SK, Nembhard IM: Development and testing of a survey measure of organizational perinatal patient-centered care culture. Health Services Research 57(4): 806-819, August 2022.

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