Maria M. Crespo, MD, FCCP

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Professor of Clinical Medicine (Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care)
Department: Medicine

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3600 Spruce Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104
MD (Medicine)
University of Cantabria School of Medicine, 1985.
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Selected Publications

Peter P. Reese, Joshua M. Diamond, David S. Goldberg,Vishnu Potluri, Stacey Prenner, Emily A. Blumberg, Vivianna M. Van Deerlin, K. Rajender Reddy, Heather Mentch, Richard Hasz, Ashley Woodards, Caren Gentile, Jennifer Smith, Christian Bermudez, Maria M. Crespo: The SHELTER trial of transplanting hepatitis C virus-infected lungs into uninfected recipients. Transplantation Direct. Wolters Kluwer Health Inc. 9(7): e1504, June 2023.

Courtwright AM, Doyon JB, Blumberg EA, Cevasco M, Cantu E, Bermudez CA, Crespo MM: Infectious complications associated with bronchial anastomotic dehiscence in lung transplant recipients. Clinical Transplantation Page: e15040, May 2023.

Clancy MJ, Adler J, Tevald MA, Zaleski D, Fluehr L, Wamsley C, Bermudez CA, Crespo MM, Balar P, Oyster ML, Courtwright AM, Diamond JM: Rehabilitation Characteristics and Outcomes for Lung Transplantation for COVID-19. A case series. Phys Therapy 5(103): pzad026, May 2023.

Bermudez C, Bermudez F, Courtwright A, Richards T, Diamond J, Cevasco M, Blumberg E, Christie J, Usman A, Crespo MM. : Lung transplantation for COVID-19 respiratory failure in the United States: Outcomes 1 year post-transplant and the impact of pre-operative ECMO support. J Thorac Cardiovas Surg 23(S0022-5223): 00340-9, April 2023.

Maria M. Crespo, Christian Bermudez: Managing connective tissue disorders: how to select and facilitate successful transplantation. Current opinion Organ transplantation 27(3): 191-197, Oct 2022.

Potluri V, Reese P, Prenner S, Mentch H, Goldberg D, Claridge T, Smith J, Gentile C, Deerlin Van, Reddy R, Fallah T, Bermudez C, Crespo, MM, Diamond J: The SHELTER Trial of Transplanting Donor Hepatitis C Virus RNA+ Lungs into Uninfected Recipients. ATC. American Transplant Congress 2022, Boston. Sep 2022 Notes: poster presentation.

Federico LE, Courtwright AM, Diamond JM, Crespo MM, Bermudez CA: Change in Panel Reactive Antibodies in Patients Bridge to Lung Transplantation with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. (eds.). 22: S1043-0679, Sep 2022.

Maria M. Crespo: Ecmo for Respiratory Failure in the Patient with Advance Lung Disease: A Bridge for Recovery or Decision Chapter. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygen Support THerapy IntechOpen (eds.). Page: epub ahead of print, Sep 2022.

Saine ME, Schnellinger EM, Liu M, Diamond J, Crespo MM, Prenner S, Potluri V, Bermudez C, Mentch H, Moore M, Besharatian B, Goldberg D, Barg F, Reese P. : Decision-making Among Hepatitis C Virus-negative Transplant Candidates Offered Organs from Donors with HCV Infection. Transplant Direct 8(8): e1341, August 2022.

Cantu E, Diamond JM, Cevasco M, Suzuki Y, Crespo M, Clausen E, Dallara L, Ramon, CV, Harmon MT, Bermudez C, Benvenuto L, Anderson M, Willie KM, Weinacker A, Dhillon GS, Orens J, Shah P, Merlo C, Lama V, McDyer J, Snyder L, Palmer S, Hartwig M, Hage CA, Singer J, Celfee C, Kukreja J, Greenland JR, Ware LB, Localio R, Hsu J, Gallop R, Christie JD: Contemporary Trends in PGD Incidence, Outcomes, and Therapeutics. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 41(12): 1839-1849, August 2022.

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