Dimitris Mihailidis, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
Department of Radiation Oncology
3400 Civic Center Blvd., TRC-2W
Philidelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-584-6634
Lab: 215-615-5632
BSc. (Physics)
University of Ioannina, Greece, 1986.
Ph.D. (Nuclear Physics)
University of Minnesota, 1994.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Clinical development of new treatment techniques, implementation of novel clinical techniques in the radiotherapy external beam and brachytherapy treatments.

Description of Other Expertise

Developing polices for managing RT patients with implanted cardiac devices, starting up new radiotherapy physics programs, shielding and quality assurance of radiation physics, radiation safety and protection.

Description of Research Expertise

New technologies in radiation therapy and treatment deliveries, treatment plan optimization based on biological parameters and electron beam dosimetry.

Selected Publications

M. Miften, A. Olch, D. Mihailidis, et al.: Tolerance limits and methodologies for IMRT measurement-based verification QA: Recommendations of AAPM Task Group No. 218. Med. Phys. 45(4) (2018) e53-e83. 45(4): e53, 2018.

R. Scheuermann, C. Kennedy, D. Mihailidis, J. Metz. : Performance study of a prototype straight-through linac delivery system with an EPID assembly. Radioth. Oncol. 123 (Suppl.1), (2017) S506. 123, 2017.

C. Kennedy, R. Scheuermann, S. Anamalayil, D. Mihailidis, L. Dong, J. Metz: VMAT performance assessment for novel straight-through linac with prototype fast jawless collimation and rapid gantry rotation. Med. Phys. 44, (2017) 3089. 44, 2017.

D. Mihailidis, R. Scheuermann, S. Anamalayil, C. Kennedy, L. Brady, L. Dong, J. Metz.: Dosimetric advantage of IMRT compared to VMAT for H&N plans using a prototype jawless and fast MLC system. Med. Phys. 44, (2017) 2945 44, 2017.

B. Burgdorf, J. Scholey, B. Teo, D. Mihailidis, S. Anamalayil: Dosimetric validation and clinical implementation of Varian HDR surface applicator set with Leipzig-style cones. Med. Phys. 44, (2017) 2985 44, 2017.

C. Kennedy, R. Scheuermann, S. Anamalayil, D. Mihailidis, L. Dong, J. Metz: Potential soft-tissue IGTV misalignment for low-frequency breathing with fast-gantry MV CBCT. Med. Phys. 44, (2017) 3106. 44, 2017.

R Scheuermann, C Kennedy, S Anamalayil, D Mihailidis, L Dong, J Metz: Characterization of surface dose for novel flattening filter free (FFF) straight-through linac with jawless MLC collimation. Med. Phys. 44, (2017) 2935. 44, 2017.

R. Scheuermann, C. Kennedy, S. Anamalayil, L. Brady, D. Mihailidis, L. Dong, J. Metz. : Impact of MLC model parameters on head and neck plan quality for a novel 6 MV flattening filter-free (FFF) straight-through linac with jawless prototype MLC collimation. Med. Phys. 44, (2017) 3303. 44, 2017.

C. Kennedy, R. Scheuermann, S. Anamalayil, D. Mihailidis, L. Dong, J. Metz. : Initial experience using statistical process control methods to assess mechanical stability for a prototype straight-through, jawless, fast-gantry/fast-MLC linac: Comaprison to Truebeam. Med. Phys. 44, (2017) 3274 44, 2017.

D. Mihailidis, R. Scheuermann, C. Kennedy, J. Metz. : AAPM TG-119 benchmarking of a novel jawless dual level MLC collimation system. Radioth. Oncol. 123 (Suppl.1), (2017) S953 123, 2017.

Smilowitz Jennifer B, Das Indra J, Feygelman Vladimir, Fraass Benedick A, Geurts Mark, Kry Stephen F, Marshall Ingrid R, Mihailidis Dimitris N, Ouhib Zoubir, Ritter Timothy, Snyder Michael G, Fairobent Lynne, Staff Aapm: AAPM Medical Physics Practice Guideline 5.a.: Commissioning and QA of Treatment Planning Dose Calculations - Megavoltage Photon and Electron Beams. Journal of applied clinical medical physics / American College of Medical Physics 17(1): 6166, 2016.

Alkhatib Hassaan A, Gebreamlak Wondesen T, Tedeschi David J, Mihailidis Dimitris, Wright Ben W, Neglia William J, Sobash Philip T, Fontenot Jonas D: Output calculation of electron therapy at extended SSD using an improved LBR method. Medical physics 42(2): 735-40, Feb 2015.

Faiz M. Khan, John P. Gibbons, Dimitris N. Mihailidis, Hassaan Alkhatib: Khan's Lectures: Handbook of the Physics of Radiation Therapy. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore MD 2011.

C. Kennedy, C. Ling, D. Mihailidis, R. Scheuermann, J. Metz. : Performance of a new EPID panel and opportunities for a fast MV-CBCT acquisition. Radioth. Oncol. 123 (Suppl.1), (2017) S956. 123, 2017.

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