Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, MD, PhD

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Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
Cardiovascular Medicine Division
11th Floor - South Tower
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3569
D.E.A. (Cardiovascular Physiology)
Paris VI University, France, 1991.
D.E.S.C (Nuclear Medicine)
INSTN, Paris, France, 1992.
M.D. (Medicine)
Paris XII University, France, 1993.
D.U. (Echocardiography)
Paris XII University, France, 1996.
Ph.D. (Cardiovascular Physiology)
Paris XII University, France, 2003.
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Selected Publications

Kang Yu, Scherrer-Crosbie Marielle: Echocardiography Imaging of Cardiotoxicity. Cardiology clinics 37(4): 419-427, Nov 2019.

Asnani Aarti, Shi Xu, Farrell Laurie, Lall Rahul, Sebag Igal A, Plana Juan Carlos, Gerszten Robert E, Scherrer-Crosbie Marielle: Changes in Citric Acid Cycle and Nucleoside Metabolism Are Associated with Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity in Patients with Breast Cancer. Journal of cardiovascular translational research Jul 2019.

Hayek Salim S, Ganatra Sarju, Lenneman Carrie, Scherrer-Crosbie Marielle, Leja Monika, Lenihan Daniel J, Yang Eric, Ryan Thomas D, Liu Jennifer, Carver Joseph, Mousavi Negareh, O'Quinn Rupal, Arnold Anita, Banchs Jose, Barac Ana, Ky Bonnie: Preparing the Cardiovascular Workforce to Care for Oncology Patients: JACC Review Topic of the Week. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 73(17): 2226-2235, May 2019.

Sarju Ganatra, Joseph R. Carver, Salim S. Hayek, Bonnie Ky, Monika J. Leja, Daniel J. Lenihan, Carrie Lenneman, Negaresh Mousavi, Jae H. Park, Miguel Angel Perales Thomas D. Ryan, Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, Richard M. Steingart, Eric H. Yang, Vlad Zaha, Ana Barac, Jennifer E. Liu: Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapy for Cancer and Heart: Entering a New Era. JACC Page: in press, 2019.

Yu Kang, Bruna Leal Assuncao, Srinivas Denduluri, Shannon McCurdy, Selina Luger, Bénédicte Lefebvre, Joseph Carver, Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie : Symptomatic heart failure in acute leukemia patients treated with anthracyclines; development of a risk score. JACC-Cardio-Oncology Page: in press, 2019.

Clasen SC, Scherrer-Crosbie M. : Applications of left ventricular strain measurements to patients undergoing chemotherapy. Curr Opin Cardiol. 33(5): 493-497, Sep 2018.

109. Liu J, Banchs J, Mousavi N, Plana JC, Scherrer-Crosbie M, Thavendiranathan P, Barac A.: Contemporary Role of Echocardiography for Clinical Decision Making in Patients During and After Cancer Therapy. JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 11(8): 1122-1131, Aug 2018.

Quatromoni N, Scherrer-Crosbie M. : Update on Incorporating Biomarkers with Imaging Findings for the Detection and Management of Cardiotoxicity. Curr Cardiol Rep. 20(8), Jun 2018.

Scherrer-Crosbie M. : RESPONSE: A Call to Action for Established Cardio-Oncologists: Time to Train the Future. J Am Coll Cardiol. 71(25): 2980-2981, Jun 2018.

Liu ES, Thoonen R, Petit E, Yu B, Buys ES, Scherrer-Crosbie M, Demay MB.: Increased Circulating FGF23 Does Not Lead to Cardiac Hypertrophy in the Male Hyp Mouse Model of XLH. Endocrinology. 159(5): 2165-2172, May 2018.

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