Lily Anna Brown, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Without Compensation Employee, Michael J. Crescenz Philadelphia VA Medical Center
Director, Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety
3535 Market Street Suite 600 N
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2157463346
B.S. (Psychology)
Drexel University, 2008.
M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
University of California, Los Angeles, 2011.
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology and Learning and Behavior Psychology)
University of California, Los Angeles, 2016.
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Description of Research Expertise

Anxiety Disorders, Suicide, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Selected Publications

Mayinja, L., Bredemeier, K., Mu, W., Brown, L. A. : Emotional clarity and awareness predict obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms during exposure and response prevention in a naturalistic treatment sample [Poster presentation]. Society for Research in Psychopathology Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, United States. September 2022.

Pincus LE, Brumfield R, Brown LA.: Consultation and professional development within the prolonged exposure initiative. Journal of Community Psychology 2022.

Hassani, D. Flick, L., Hareena, S. Brown, L.A., Andy, U., & Arya, L., (in press): How do women with Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome make treatment choices? International Urogynecology Journal 33(3): 583-593, 2022.

Duncan, J. M., Hong, C. X., Harvie, H. S., Brown, L. A., Arya, L. A., & Kim, E. K.: Relationship Between Opioid Prescriptions and Number of Chronic Pain Conditions in Women With Interstitial Cystitis. Urogynecology 28(8): 547-553, 2022.

Brown, L.A., Narine, K., Asnaani, A., Bredemeier, K., & Mu, W.: Changes in affect, physical activity, physical health, and sleep in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety. Journal of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy 32(1): 45-56, 2022.

Abramoff, B., Dillingham, T., Brown, L.A., Caldera, F., McLartney, M., McGinley, E., Pezzin, L.: Psychological and Cognitive Functioning Among Patients Receiving Outpatient Rehabilitation for post-COVID sequelae: An Observational Study. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2022.

Brown, L.A., AlRabiah, R., Terrasse, M., Aksianiuk, V. & Sisti, D.: Knowledge of evidence-based practices for PTSD among mental health court judges. Medicine, Science and the Law. 2022.

Pincus, L.E., Brown, L.A., Capaldi, S., Comeau, C. & Foa, E.B.: Trauma Exposure and PTSD in Philadelphia Community Mental Health. Community Mental Health Journal 58(3): 547-552, 2022 Notes: I am the corresponding, senior author on this publication.

Brown, L.A., Taylor, D.J., Bryan, C., Wiley, J.F., Pruiksma, K., Khazem, L., Baker, J., Young, J. & O’Leary, K. : Digital phenotyping to improve prediction of suicidal urges in treatment: Study protocol. Aggression and Violent Behavior 66, 2022.

Peterson, A. L., Young-McCaughan, S., Roache, J. D., Mintz, J., Litz, B. T., Williamson, D. E., Resick, P. A., Foa, E. B., McGeary, D. D., Dondanville, K. A., Taylor, D. J., Wachen, J. S., Fox, P. T., Bryan, C. J., McLean, C. P., Pruiksma, K. E., Yarvis, J. S., Niles, B. L., Abdallah, C. G., Averil, L. A., Back, S. E., Baker, M. T., Blount, T. H., Borah, A. M., Borah, E. V., Brock, M. S., Brown, L. A., Burg, M. M., Cigrang, J. A., DeBeer, B. B., DeVoe, E. R., Fina, B. A., Flanagan, J. C., Fredman, S. J., Gardner, C. L., Gatchel, R. R., Goodie, J. L., Gueorguieva, R., Higgs, J. B., Jacoby, V. M., Kelly, K. M., Krystal, J. H., Lapiz-Bluhm, M. D., López-Roca, A. L., Marx, B. P., Maurer, D. M., McDevitt-Murphy, M. E., McGeary, C. A., Meyer, E. C., Miles, S. R., Monson, C. M., Morilak, D. A., Moring, J. C., Mysliwiec, V., Nicholson, K. L., Rauch, S. A. M., Riggs, D. S., Rosen, C. S., Rudd, M. D., Schobitz, R. P., Schrader, C. C., Shinn, A. M., Shiroma, P. R., Sloan, D. M., Stern, S. L., Strong, R., Vannoy, S. D., Young, K. A., & Keane, T. M., for the STRONG STAR Consortium and the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD.: STRONG STAR and the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD: Shaping the future of combat PTSD and related conditions in military and veteran populations. Contemporary Clinical Trials. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2021, in press.

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