Lei Dong, Ph.D.

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Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiation Oncology

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Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
Department of Radiation Oncology
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.S. (Engineering Physics)
Tsinghua University, 1985.
M.S. (Modern Applied Physics)
Tsinghua University, 1987.
Ph.D. (Biomedical Sciences/Medical Physics Program)
University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 1995.
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Selected Publications

Xie, Y., Petroccia, H., Maity, A., Miao, T., Zhu, Y., Bruza, P., Pogue, B. W., Plastaras, J. P., Dong, L., Zhu, T. C.: Cherenkov imaging for total skin electron therapy (TSET). Med Phys 47(1): 201-212, 2020.

Bollinger, D., Laugeman, E., Li, T., Hilliard, J., Heermann, A., Kim, H., Hugo, G., Mutic, S., Dong, L., Cai, B.: Technical Note: Dosimetric characterization of the dynamic beam flattening MLC sequence on a ring shaped, Jawless Linear Accelerator with double stacked MLC. Med Phys 47(3): 948-957, 2020.

Diffenderfer, E. S., Verginadis,, II, Kim, M. M., Shoniyozov, K., Velalopoulou, A., Goia, D., Putt, M., Hagan, S., Avery, S., Teo, K., Zou, W., Lin, A., Swisher-McClure, S., Koch, C., Kennedy, A. R., Minn, A., Maity, A., Busch, T. M., Dong, L., Koumenis, C., Metz, J., Cengel, K. A.: Design, Implementation, and in Vivo Validation of a Novel Proton FLASH Radiation Therapy System. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 106(2): 440-448, 2020.

Ford, E., Conroy, L., Dong, L., de Los Santos, L. F., Greener, A., Gwe-Ya Kim, G., Johnson, J., Johnson, P., Mechalakos, J. G., Napolitano, B., Parker, S., Schofield, D., Smith, K., Yorke, E., Wells, M.: Strategies for effective physics plan and chart review in radiation therapy: Report of AAPM Task Group 275. Med Phys 2020.

Gu, W., Ruan, D., Lyu, Q., Zou, W., Dong, L., Sheng, K.: A novel energy layer optimization framework for spot-scanning proton arc therapy. Med Phys 2020.

Hague, C., Aznar, M., Dong, L., Fotouhi-Ghiam, A., Lee, L. W., Li, T., Lin, A., Lowe, M., Lukens, J. N., McPartlin, A., O'Reilly, S., Slevin, N., Swisher-Mcclure, S., Thomson, D., Van Herk, M., West, C., Zou, W., Teo, B. K.: Inter-fraction robustness of intensity-modulated proton therapy in the post-operative treatment of oropharyngeal and oral cavity squamous cell carcinomas. British Journal of Radiology. 93(1107): 20190638, 2020.

O'Grady, F., Barsky, A. R., Anamalayil, S., Freedman, G. M., Kennedy, C., Cai, B., Laugeman, E., Dong, L., Hugo, G. D., Metz, J. M., Mutic, S., Taunk, N. K., Li, T.: Increase in Superficial Dose in Whole-Breast Irradiation With Halcyon Straight-Through Linac Compared With Traditional C-arm Linac With Flattening Filter: In vivo Dosimetry and Planning Study. Adv Radiat Oncol 5(1): 120-126, 2020.

O'Reilly, S., Jain, V., Huang, Q., Cheng, C., Teo, B. K., Yin, L., Zhang, M., Diffenderfer, E., Li, T., Levin, W., Xiao, Y., Dong, L., Feigenberg, S., Berman, A. T., Zou, W.: Dose to Highly Functional Ventilation Zones Improves Prediction of Radiation Pneumonitis for Proton and Photon Lung Cancer Radiation Therapy. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 107(1): 79-87, 2020.

Gu Wenbo, Neph Ryan, Ruan Dan, Zou Wei, Dong Lei, Sheng Ke: Robust beam orientation optimization for intensity-modulated proton therapy. Medical physics Jun 2019.

Barsky, Andrew R, O’Grady, Fionnbarr, Kennedy, Christopher, Taunk, Neil K, Dong, Lei, Metz, James M, Li, Taoran, Freedman, Gary M: Initial Clinical Experience Treating Patients with Breast Cancer on the Halcyon Linear Accelerator. International Journal of Radiation Oncology• Biology• Physics 103(5): E23-E24, 2019.

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