Katharine A. Rendle, PhD, MSW, MPH

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Associate Director, Mixed Methods Research Lab, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health
Full Member, Abramson Cancer Center, Cancer Control Program
Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute
Elected Member, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Office of the Provost, University of Pennsylvania
Deputy Director for Research, Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I)
Director of Cancer Implementation Research, Penn Implementation Science Center, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
Secretary-Elect, Medical Faculty Senate, Perelman School of Medicine
Department: Family Medicine and Community Health

Contact information
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
3600 Civic Center Blvd, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-349-5442
BA (Anthropology)
University of California, 2004.
MSW (Social Policy & Evaluation)
University of Michigan, 2007.
MA (Anthropology)
University of Michigan, 2008.
PhD (Social Work & Anthropology)
University of Michigan, 2014.
MPH (Epidemiology)
University of California, 2015.
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Description of Research Expertise

cancer prevention and care; healthcare delivery research; implementation science; mixed-methods research; clinical epidemiology; pragmatic trials; global health

Selected Publications

Barta JA, Erkmen CP, Shusted CS, Myers RE, Saia C, Cohen S, Wainwright J, Zeigler-Johnson C, Dako F, Wender R, Kane GC, Vachani A, Rendle KA: The Philadelphia Lung Cancer Learning Community: A Multi-Health-System, Citywide Approach to Lung Cancer Screening. JNCI Cancer Spectr Sep 2023 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Carroll NM, Burnett-Hartman AN, Rendle KA, Neslund-Dudas CM, Greenlee RT, Honda SA, Vachani A, Ritzwoller DP: Smoking status and the association between patient-level factors and survival among lung cancer patients. J Natl Cancer Inst 115(8): 937-948, Aug 2023.

Warner ET, Huguet N, Fredericks M, Gundersen D, Nederveld A, Brown MC, Houston TK, Davis KL, Mazzucca S, Rendle KA, Emmons KM: Advancing health equity through implementation science: Identifying and examining measures of the outer setting. Soc Sci Med 331, Aug 2023 Notes: Epub 2023 Jul 17.

Rendle KA, Steltz JP, Cohen S, Schapira MM, Wender RC, Bekelman JE, Vachani A: Estimating Pack-Year Eligibility for Lung Cancer Screening Using 2 Yes or No Questions. JAMA Netw Open 6(8), Aug 2023.

Aggarwal C, Marmarelis ME, Hwang WT, Scholes DG, McWilliams TL, Singh AP, Sun L, Kosteva J, Costello MR, Cohen RB, Langer CJ, Doucette A, Gabriel PN, Shulman LN, Rendle KA, Thompson JC, Bekelman JE, Carpenter EL: Association Between Availability of Molecular Genotyping Results and Overall Survival in Patients With Advanced Nonsquamous Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. JCO Precis Oncol 7, Jul 2023.

Jenssen BP, Schnoll R, Beidas RS, Bekelman J, Bauer AM, Evers-Casey S, Fisher T, Scott C, Nicoloso J, Gabriel P, Asch DA, Buttenheim AM, Chen J, Melo J, Grant D, Horst M, Oyer R, Shulman LN, Clifton ABW, Lieberman A, Salam T, Rendle KA, Chaiyachati KH, Shelton RC, Fayanju O, Wileyto EP, Ware S, Blumenthal D, Ragusano D, Leone FT.: Cluster Randomized Pragmatic Clinical Trial Testing Behavioral Economic Implementation Strategies to Improve Tobacco Treatment for Patients With Cancer Who Smoke J Clin Oncol JCO230055, Jul 2023 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Rendle KA, Del Vecchio N, Winer R, Zheng Y, Chubak J, Pocobelli G, Todd K, Tiro J, Carroll N, Corley D, Halm E, Ghai N, Balasubramanian B, Kamineni A, Kobrin S, Doria-Rose VP: Defining the denominator in membership-based systems: Implications for calculating and comparing cancer screening uptake in opportunistic and organized settings. 2023 International Cancer Screening Network Conference (Turin, Italy) June 2023.

Carroll NM, Eisenstein J, Burnett-Hartman AN, Greenlee RT, Honda SA, Neslund-Dudas CM, Rendle KA, Vachani A, Ritzwoller DP: Uptake of novel systemic therapy: Real world patterns among adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer Treat Res Commun 36: 100730, Jun 2023 Notes: Epub 2023 Jun 14.

Steiner JS, Blum-Barnett E, Rolland B, Kraus CR, Wainwright JV, Bedoy R, Martinez YT, Alleman ER, Eibergen R, Pieper LE, Carroll NM, Hixon B, Sterrett A, Rendle KA, Saia C, Vachani A, Ritzwoller DP, Burnett-Hartman A: Application of team science best practices to the project management of a large, multi-site lung cancer screening research consortium. J Clin Transl Sci 7(1), Jun 2023.

Rendle KA, Steltz J, Cohen S, Schapira M, Wender R, Bekelman J, Vachani A: Predicting Pack-Year Eligibility for Lung Cancer Screening Using Two Yes/No Questions. 2023 International Cancer Screening Network Conference (Turin, Italy) June 2023.

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