Matthew Elliott, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Dulles Building, 6th Floor, Suite 680
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BS (Chemistry)
Auburn University, 2007.
The University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, 2013.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Cardiothoracic critical care, critical care ultrasonography, respiratory failure and ARDS, post-operative care of the lung transplant recipient

Selected Publications

Thalji NK, Patel PA, Elliott M, Augoustides JG.: Hematologic Consequences of the Coronavirus Crisis-Focus on Relevant Clues and Complications for the Perioperative Cardiothoracic and Vascular Community. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 34(12): 3189-3192, Dec 2020.

Raska M, Czernekova L, Moldoveanu Z, Zachova K, Elliott MC, Novak Z, Hall S, Hoelscher M, Maboko L, Brown R, Smith PD, Mestecky J, Novak J: Differential glycosylation of envelope gp120 is associated with differential recognition of HIV-1 by virus-specific antibodies and cell infection. AIDS Res Ther. Page: 11-23, August 2014.

Raska M, Takahashi K, Czernekova L, Zachova K, Hall S, Moldoveanu Z, Elliott MC, Wilson L, Brown R, Jancova D, Barnes S, Vrbkova J, Tomana M, Smith PD, Mestecky J, Renfrow MB, Novak J: Glycosylation Patterns of HIV-1 gp120 Depend on the Type of Expressing Cells and Affect Antibody Recognition. J Biol Chem 285(27): 20860-9, July 2010 Notes:

Liang J, Elliott MC, Cammarata V : Polyallylammonium Ferrocyanide films for trace water detection in halogenated solvents Electroanalysis 21(23): 2542-2548, November 2009 Notes: DOI:10.1002/elan.200900153.

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