Atheendar S. Venkataramani, MD, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
Department: Medical Ethics and Health Policy

Contact information
Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
University of Pennsylvania
Blockley Hall, Rm 1129
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.S. (Biology and Economics)
Duke University, summa cum laude, 2002.
M.Phil. (Health Policy (Economics))
Yale University, 2007.
Ph.D. (Health Policy (Economics))
Yale University, 2009.
Washington University in St. Louis, 2011.
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Selected Publications

Siedner MJ, Harling G, Reynolds Z, Gilbert RF, Haneuse S, Venkataramani AS, Tsai AC: Social distancing to slow the US COVID-19 epidemic: Longitudinal pretest-posttest comparison group study. PLos Medicine 17(8): e1003244, Aug 2020.

Venkataramani AS, Bair E , Dixon E, Linn K, Ferrell W, Volpp KG, Underhill K : Association between state policies using Medicaid exclusions to sanction noncompliance with welfare work requirements and Medicaid participation among low-income adults. JAMA Network Open 3(5): e204579, May 2020.

Bhalotra S, Clarke D, Gomes JF, Venkataramani AS: "Maternal mortality and women’s political participation" VoxDev Apr 2020 Notes: Maternal mortality and women’s political participation.

Venkataramani AS, Daza S, Emanuel E: Association between social mobility and the income-based mortality gap in the United States: Cross-sectional, county-level study. JAMA Internal Medicine 180(3): 429-436, Mar 2020.

O'Brien R, Neman T, Seltzer N, Evans L, Venkataramani AS: "Structural racism, economic opportunity, and racial health disparities: evidence from U.S. counties" SSM - Population Health 11: 100564, Mar 2020.

Venkataramani AS, Tsai AC: Housing, housing policy, and deaths of despair. Health Services Research 55(1): 5-8, Feb 2020.

Maughan-Brown B, Venkataramani AS, Kharsany AB, Beckett S, Govender K, Lewis L, Cawood C, Khanville D, George G: Recently formed age-disparate partnerships are associated with elevated HIV incidence among young women in South Africa. AIDS 34(1): 149-154, Jan 2020.

Navathe AS, Emanuel E, Venkataramani AS, Huang Q, Gupta A, Dinh CT, Shan EZ, Small D, Coe NB, Wang E, Ma X, Zhu Z, Cousins DS, Liao JM: Spending and quality after three years of Medicare’s voluntary bundled payment for joint replacement surgery. Health Affairs 39(1): 58-66, Jan 2020.

Venkataramani AS, Bair EF, O’Brien RL, Tsai AC: Association between automobile assembly plant closures and opioid overdose mortality in the U.S.: A difference-in-differences analysis. JAMA Internal Medicine 180(2): 254-262, Dec 2019.

Tsai AC, Kiang MV, Barnett ML, Beletsky L, Keyes KM, McGinty EE, Smith LR, Strathdee SA, Wakeman SE, Venkataramani AS: Stigma as a fundamental hindrance to the United States opioid overdose crisis response. PLOS Medicine 16(11): e1002969, Nov 2019.

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