Benjamin Abramoff, MD, MS

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Director of Spinal Cord Injury Services, Penn Medicine Rittenhouse
Founder and Director of Transitional and Adult Spina Bifida Clinic, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Co-Founder and Co-Director of COVID Recovery Clinic, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Director, Post-COVID Assessment and Recovery Clinic
Lead Rehabilitation Clinician, Penn Nerve Center
Member of Skin Integrity Committee, Penn Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
Anatomy Course Director, Perelman School of Medicine
Director of Curriculum Development for Rehabilitation Medicine at Vinn University, Penn Center for Global Health
Director of Interdisciplinary Bracing Clinic, Penn Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
Department: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Contact information
1800 Lombard St
First Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Office: 215-893-2600
BS (Life Science Communication)
Cornell University, 2008.
MS (Health and Rehabilitation- Specilization in Health Education)
Ohio State University School of Health and Rehabilitative Services, 2013.
MD (Medicine)
Ohio State University College of Medicine, 2013.
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Selected Publications

Abramoff BA, Sudekum VL, Wuermser LA, Ahmad FU: Very early Charcot spinal arthropathy associated with forward bending after spinal cord injury: a case report. Spinal Cord Series and Cases 5(19): 1-5, February 2019.

Krull C, Abramoff BA, Jerome M, Principe J, Cai Q, Tailor Y: Intervention for Increasing Vitamin D Supplementation in a Deficient Rehabilitation Population: Outcomes of a Quality Improvement Initiative. PM&R 11(10): 1093-1100, Oct 2019.

Abramoff BA, Mahdi ND, Beran M, Belagaje SR: ICH Rehabilitation and Recovery. Intracerebral Hemorrhage Therapeutics: Concepts and Customs Ovbiagele B, Qureshi AI (eds.). Springer, Page: 161-183, 2018.

Patel K, McCarty R, Rozak M, Chandrasekhar E, McCrate A, Abramoff B, Reed M, Milton B, Strasser D.: Patient pain satisfaction scores unaffected by opioid reduction protocol utilizing morphine equivalent dose calculations. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 61S: e3, 2018.

Patel K, Leong C, Williams C, McDermot H, Cordiero C, Abramoff B, Mautner M, Kneer L : The Value of a 12-Month Curriculum in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for Resident Physicians. Pain Medicine 19: 818, 2018.

Patel KG, Leong CM, McCrate A, Abramoff BA, Jerome MA, Ettefagh L, Reed M, Strasser DC: Opioid Reduction Tool in the Acute Rehabilitation Setting. PM&R 9(9): S168-9, 2017.

Abramoff, B. A.: PM&R Blast Podcast. Podcast 2016-2017 Notes: This podcast reviewed various topics in PM&R. Seven episodes.

Abramoff, B.A.; Milton, S.B.; Belagaje, S.: Improvement in Compensation for Homonymous Hemianopsia Following Initiation of an SSRI: A Case Report. PM&R 9(7): 727-731, 2016.

Abramoff, B.A.; Ahmad, F.U.; Wuermser, L.A.: Early Charcot Spinal Arthropathy after Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report. ASCIP Educational Conference September 2016 Notes: Poster.

Patel, K, Chandrasekar, E, McCrate, A, Abramoff, B.A., Reed, M, Milton, S.B., Strasser, D: Opioid Reduction in the Acute Rehabilitation Setting. Advancing Health Care Quality Research at Emory Univeristy Conference June 2016 Notes: Poster.

Abramoff, B.A.; Lange, H.L.; Matson, S.C.: Delayed ego strength development in opioid dependent adolescents and young adults. Journal of Addiction 2015: 879794, 2015.

Cottrill, C.B; Abramoff, B.A.; Matson, S.C.; Abdel-Rasoul, M; Bonny, A.E.: In Search of Normal Controls: A Methodological Complication When Conducting Adolescent Opiate Dependence Research. Journal of Adolescent Health 54(2), 2014.

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