Danielle L. Mowery, Ph.D., M.S., M.S.

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Assistant Professor of Informatics in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Graduate Group Affiliations

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Institute for Biomedical Informatics
University of Pennsylvania
School of Medicine
A206 Richards Hall
3700 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 746-6677
BS (Minor in Chemistry)
Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh , 2006.
MS (Concentration in Health Information Systems)
Health & Rehabilitation Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2008.
MS (Concentration in Natural Language Processing)
Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh, 2010.
PhD (Concentration in Natural Language Processing)
Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh, 2014.
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Selected Publications

Parikh S, Davoudi A, Yu S, Giraldo C, Schriver E, Mowery D.: Lexicon Development for COVID-19-related Concepts Using Open-source Word Embedding Sources: An Intrinsic and Extrinsic Evaluation. JMIR Med Inform 9: e21679, Feb 2021.

Hwang S, *Urbanowicz, Lynch S, Vernon T, Bresz K, Giraldo C, Kennedy E, Leabhart M, Bleacher T, Ripchinski M, *Mowery DL, *Oyer R: Towards Predicting 30-Day Readmission among Oncology Patients: Identifying Timely and Actionable Risk Factors. medRxiv Jan 2022 Notes: *shared co-senior authorship.

Davoudi A**, Lee N**, Luong T, Delaney T, Asch E, Chaiyachati K*, Mowery D*: Identifying Medication-related Intents from a Bidirectional Text Messaging Platform for Hypertension Management: An Unsupervised Learning Approach. medRxiv Dec 2021 Notes: *shared co-senior authorship; **shared co-last authorship.

Davoudi A, Yu S, Doucette A, Gabriel P, Miller M, Williams H, Desai H, Le A, Stoeckert C, Maxwell K, Mowery D: Classifying Progression Status Statements from Radiology Exams among Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients using Natural Language Processing. medRxiv November 2021.

Shaw PA, Yang JB, Mowery DL, Schriver ER, Mahoney K, Bar KJ, Ellenberg SS.: Determinants of Hospital Outcomes for COVID-19 Infections in a Large Pennsylvania Health System. medRxiv Sept 2021.

Davoudi A, Tissot H, Doucette A, Gabriel PE, Parikh R, *Mowery DL, *Miranda S. : Using Natural Language Processing to Classify Serious Illness Communication in Oncology. AMIA 2022 Informatics Summit. accepted for conference; available on medRxiv, Aug 2021 Notes: *shared co-last authorship.

Cappola AR, Schriver ER, Mowery DL, Wollack C, Ives CT, Gonzales R, Cappella JN: Effect of Targeted Messaging on Return to In-Person Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open 4(6): e2115211, June 2021.

Wang L, Desai H, Verma SS, Le A, Hausler R, Verma A, Judy R, Doucette A, Gabriel PE, Nathanson KL, Damrauer S, Mowery DL, Ritchie MD, Kember RL, Maxwell KN.: Performance of Polygenic Risk Scores for Cancer Prediction in a Racially Diverse Academic Biobank. Genetics in Medicine 2021 Notes: Originally published in medRxiv.

Yu S, Le A, Feld E, Schriver E, Gabriel P, Doucette A, Narayan V, Feldman M, Schwartz LE, Maxwell K, Mowery D: Development of an NLP-Assisted Extraction System for Gleason Scores: Combining the Strengths of Humans and Machines. Journal of Medical Internet Research Cancer 7(2): e27970, July 2021.

Boland MR, Liu J, Balocchi C, Meeker JR, Bai R, Mellis I, Mowery D, Herman D: A Method to Link Neighborhood-Level Covariates to COVID-19 Infection Patterns in Philadelphia Using Spatial Regression. AMIA Informatics Summit March 2021.

Davoudi A, Lee NS, Chivers C, Delaney T, Asch EL, Reitz C, Mehta SJ, Chaiyachati KH, Mowery DL.: Patient Interaction Phenotypes With an Automated Remote Hypertension Monitoring Program and Their Association With Blood Pressure Control: Observational Study. J Med Internet Res 22: e22493, Dec 2020.

Le TT, Gutiérrez-Sacristán A, Son J, Hong C, South AM, Beaulieu-Jones BK, Loh NHW, Luo Y, Morris M, Ngiam KY, Patel LP, Samayamuthu MJ, Schriver E, Tan AL, Moore J, Cai T, Omenn GS, Avillach P, Kohane IS, Visweswaran S, Mowery DL, Xia Z.: Multinational Prevalence of Neurological Phenotypes in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19. Scientific Reports 2021 Notes: Originally published in medRxiv.

Anderson TS, Leonard S, Zhang AJ, Madden E, Mowery D, Chapman WW, Keyhani S.: Trends in Low-Value Carotid Imaging in the Veterans Health Administration From 2007 to 2016. JAMA Netw Open 3: e2015250, Sep 2020.

Freedman H, Williams H, Birtwell D, Miller M, Mowery D, Stoeckert C: A Novel Tool for Standardizing Clinical Data in a Semantic Common Data Model. Journal of Biomedical Informatics: X 8: 100086, Dec 2020.

Harris JR, Hatch R, Vallabhajosyula P, Lo Y, Mowery D, Patel N: Morning vs. Evening Administration of Warfarin following Cardiac Surgery. The Journal of Pharmacy Technology 2020.

Keyhani S, Cheng EM, Hoggatt KJ, Austin PC, Madden E, Hebert PL, Halm EA, Naseri A, Johanning JM, Mowery D, Chapman WW, Bravata DM.: Comparative Effectiveness of Carotid Endarterectomy vs Initial Medical Therapy in Patients With Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis. JAMA Neurol 77: 1110-1121, Sep 2020.

Moore JH, Barnett I, Boland MR, Chen Y, Demiris G, Gonzalez-Hernandez G, Herman DS, Himes BE, Hubbard RA, Kim D, Morris JS, Mowery DL, Ritchie MD, Shen L, Urbanowicz R, Holmes JH.: Ideas for how informaticians can get involved with COVID-19 research. BioData Mining 13: 3, May 2020.

Weber GM, Hong C, Palmer NP, Avillach P, Murphy SN, Gutiérrez-Sacristán A, Xia Z, Serret-Larmande A, Neuraz A, Omenn GS, Visweswaran S, Klann JG, South AM, Loh NHW, Cannataro M, Beaulieu-Jones BK, Bellazzi R, Agapito G, Alessiani M, Aronow BJ, Bell DS, Bellasi A, Benoit V, Beraghi M, Boeker M, Booth J, Bosari S, Bourgeois FT, Brown NW, Bucalo M, Chiovato L, Chiudinelli L, Dagliati A, Devkota B, DuVall SL, Follett RW, Ganslandt T, García Barrio N, Gradinger T, Griffier R, Hanauer DA, Holmes JH, Horki P, Huling KM, Issitt RW, Jouhet V, Keller MS, Kraska D, Liu M, Luo Y, Lynch KE, Malovini A, Mandl KD, Mao C, Maram A, Matheny ME, Maulhardt T, Mazzitelli M, Milano M, Moore JH, Morris JS, Morris M, Mowery DL, Naughton TP, Ngiam KY, Norman JB, Patel LP, Pedrera Jimenez M, Ramoni RB, Schriver ER, Scudeller L, Sebire NJ, Serrano Balazote P, Spiridou A, Tan AL, Tan BWL, Tibollo V, Torti C, Trecarichi EM, Vitacca M, Zambelli A, Zucco C, Kohane IS, Cai T, Brat GA.: International Comparisons of Harmonized Laboratory Value Trajectories to Predict Severe COVID-19: Leveraging the 4CE Collaborative Across 342 Hospitals and 6 Countries: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research November 2021.

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Falcone M, Luo C, Chen Y, Birtwell D, Cheatle M, Duan R, Gabriel PE, He L, Ko EM, Lenz HJ, Mirkovic N, Mowery DL, Ochroch EA, Paulson EC, Schriver E, Schnoll RA, Bekelman JE, Lerman C.: Risk of Persistent Opioid Use following Major Surgery in Matched Samples of Patients with and without Cancer. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 29: 2126-2133, Nov 2020.

Hong J, Davoudi A, Yu S, Mowery DL: Annotation and Extraction of Age and Temporally-related Events from Clinical Histories. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 20: 338, Dec 2020.

Birtwell D, Williams H, Pyeritz R, Damrauer S, Mowery DL.: Carnival: A Graph-Based Data Integration and Query Tool to Support Patient Cohort Generation for Clinical Research. Stud Health Technol Inform 264: 35-39, Aug 2019.

Hicks A, Miller M, Mowery DL, Stoeckert C: The Hypertension Ontology: Coordinating Clinical Data with Context-Sensitive Hypertension Criteria International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO 2019). Buffalo, NY 2019 Notes: Peer reviewed conference manuscript.

Wang J, Yu S, Davoudi A, Mowery DL: A Preliminary Characterization of Canonicalized and Non-Canonicalized Section Headers Across Variable Clinical Note Types. AMIA Annual Symposium 2020. Washington, DC (virtual) 2020 Notes: Peer reviewed conference; will be added to PubMed this spring.

Estiri H, Strasser ZH, Brat GA, Semenov YR, The Consortium for Characterization of COVID-19 by EHR (4CE), Patel CJ, Murphy SN: Evolving Phenotypes of non-hospitalized Patients that Indicate Long COVID. BMC Medicine. medRxiV, 9(249), July 2021 Notes: *consortium authorship.

Bourgeois FT, Gutiérrez-Sacristán A, Keller M, et al., The Consortium for Characterization of COVID-19 by EHR (4CE): International Analysis of Electronic Health Records of Children and Youth Hospitalized With COVID-19 Infection in 6 Countries. JAMA Network Open 4(6), June 2021 Notes: *consortium authorship.

Decker B, Schriver E, Fischbein K, Smith D, Moyer J, Mowery D, Litt B, Ellis C, Hill C.: How Often Do Patients with a New Epilepsy Diagnosis Remain Untreated? American Epilepsy Society Dec 2021 Notes: Chicago, IL.

Lee NS, Asch EL, Luong T, Chivers C, Mowery D, Vandertuyn M, Sevinc C, Josephs M, Rosin R, Chiayachati KH. : Supporting Population Health Programs using Chatbot Technology: Lessons Learned Developing and Integrating a Chatbot into Hypertension Program. Society of General Internal Medicine National Meeting 2021.

Shaw PA, Yang J, Ellenberg S, Schriver E, Mowery D, Bar KJ : Determinants of COVID-19 Hospital Outcomes in a Large Pennsylvania Health System virtualConference on Retroviruses & Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 2021.

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