Sherif Sherif, M.D.

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery
Attending, Orthopaedic Spine Surgery, Chester County Hospital
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery

Contact information
800 Spruce Street, 1 Cathcart
Philadelphia, PA 19106
MD (Medical Education)
Tanta Unviersity, 1998.
MA (Orthopaedics)
Cairo University, 2004.
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Selected Publications

McPherson E, Sherif S, Dipane M.,: Patellar Rebar Augmentation in Revision total knee arthroplasty. Journal of Arthroplastic Surgery 1(20): 30966-30669, September 2020.

Sherif Sherif, Vincent Arlet: Revision surgery for non-union in adult spinal deformity. European Spine Journal 29(Suppl 1): 103-115, February 2020.

Sherif Sherif, Jubril Ayodeji, Mesfin Addisu, : Clinical Outcomes of Percutaneous Pedicle screws and open decompression in the management of Thoracolumbar and Lumbar spine metastases. Lumbar Spine Research Society Meeting, Chicago, IL April 2019 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Sherif SM, Jubril A, Mesfin A: Lumbopelvic Fixation of U-Shaped Sacral fractures and vertical sacral fractures: Is Concurrent fusion necessary? AO Spine Fellow Forum, Canada Jan 2019 Notes: Poster Presentation

McPherson EJ, Czarkowski B, Dipane MV, Sherif SM: Incision length in small incision total knee Arthroplasty: how long of an incision is needed? Journal of Reconstructive Review 5(1): 27-33, March 2015.

Matta JM, Ziran NM, Sherif SM: Iliac osteotomy via the anterior approach for revision hip arthroplasty. Patient Safety in Surgery 8: 8-32, September 2014.

McPherson EJ, Dipane BA, Portugal MD, Sherif SM: Improving pre-operative flexion with primary TKA: A Surgical technique emphasizing knee flexion with 5-years follow-up. Journal of Reconstructive Review 4(2): 29-36, June 2014.

McPherson EJ, Dipane MV, Sherif SM: Massive Pseudotumor in a 28mm Ceramic-Polyethylene Revision THA: A Case Report. Journal of Reconstructive Review 4(1): 11-16, March 2014.

Sherif SM, McPherson EJ: The Fate of the PCL in Cruciate retaining TKA, a Critical review of Surgical Technique. Journal of Reconstructive Review 3(4): 11-17, December 2013.

McPherson EJ, Sherif SM: Dissolvable antibiotic beads in treatment of Periprosthetic Joint Infection and Revision Arthroplasty: The Use of Synthetic pure calcium sulfate (Stimulan) Impregnated with Vancomycin & Tobramycin. Journal of Reconstructive Review 3(1): 30-43, February 2013.

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