Rachel Talley, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry

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3535 Market Street
Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Harvard University, 2009.
Stanford University School of Medicine, 2014.
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Selected Publications

Talley RM, Belkin G: Community Education. Textbook of Community Psychiatry. Sowers WE, McQuistion HL, Ranz JM, Feldman JM, Runnels PS (eds.). Springer, Page: 171-181, October 2022.

Baptiste M, Talley R: The Rising Toll of Public Mental Health Work. Psychiatric Services 73(7): 721, July 2022.

Erlich, MD: Clinician Responsibility in Value-Based Payment Systems. Psychiatric Services 73(6): 693, June 2022.

Smali E, Talley RM, Goldman ML, Pincus HA, Woodlock D, Chung H.: A Continuum-Based Framework as a Practice Assessment Tool for Integration of General Health in Behavioral Health Care. Psychiatric Services 73(6): 636-641, June 2022.

Talley RM, Edwards ML, Berlant J, Wagner ES, Adler DA, Erlich MD, Goldman B, Dixon LB, First MB, Oslin DA, Siris SG: Structural Racism and Psychiatric Practice: A Call for Sustained Change. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 210(1): 2-5, Jan 2022.

Adler DA, Erlich MD, Goldman G, Berlant J, Edwards ML, First MB, Oslin DW, Siris SG, Talley RM, Wagner ES.: Psychiatry in the Time of COVID: Credibility, Uncertainty, and Self-Reflection. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 209(11): 779-782, Nov 2021.

Shoyinka SO, Talley RM, McClenton P: Addressing Structural Trauma: The Psychiatric Clinician Leader's Role. Psychiatric Annals 51(11), Nov 2021 Notes: doi.org/10.3928/00485713-20211014-01.

Talley RM, Shoyinka S, Minkoff K: The Self-assessment for Modification of Anti-Racism Tool (SMART): Addressing Structural Racism in Community Behavioral Health. Community Mental Health Journal 57(6), Aug 2021.

Talley RM, Brunette MF, Adler DA, Dixon LB, Berlant J, Erlich MD, Goldman B, First MB, Koh S, Oslin DW, Siris SG: Telehealth and the Community SMI Population: Reflections on the Disrupter Experience of COVID-19. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 209(1): 49-53, Jan 2021 Notes: doi: 10.1097/NMD.0000000000001254.

Chung H, Smali E, Narasimhan V, Talley R, Goldman ML, Ingoglia C, Woodlock D, Pincus HA.: Advancing Integration of General Health in Behavioral Health Settings: A Continuum-Based Framework. The New York Community Trust Aug 2020.

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