Nicholas K. Brown, PhD, F(ACHI)

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
Founders 7019
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-615-7789
BA (Biology)
Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI, 2000.
PhD (Immunology and Microbiology (incl. Research Assistant role))
Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, 2007.
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Selected Publications

Brown NK, Merkens H, Rozemuller EH, Bell D, Bui TM, Kearns J: Reduced PCR-generated errors from a hybrid capture-based NGS assay for HLA typing. Human Immunology 82(4): 296-301, April 2021.

Wool, G.D., and Brown, N.K.: Alloantibodies and Platelets. Immunologic Concepts in Transfusion Medicine. Robert W. Maitta (eds.). Elsevier, 2020.

Misra, M.K., Upchurch, R.L., Weidner, J.G., Pullen, B., Lee, R., Brown, N., Marino, S. R.: Association of HLA-B*15:02 allele with lamotrigine-induced cutaneous adverse drug reaction in an Indian patient. Human Immunology Suppl(2), Oct 2019.

Brown NK, Guandalini S, Semrad C, Kupfer SS.: A Clinician's Guide to Celiac Disease HLA Genetics. Am J Gastroenterol. 114(10): 1587-1592, Oct 2019.

Misra MK, Xin JJ, Brown NK, Weidner JG, Upchurch RL, Bishop MR, Wool GD, Artz AS, Marino SR.: Effective desensitization for a strong donor-specific HLA antibody in a case of HLA-mismatched allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation. HLA 94(3): 307-311, Sep 2019.

Osoegawa, K., Mallempati, K., Gangavarapu, S., Oki, A., Gendzekhadze, K., Marino, S.R., Brown, N.K., Bettinotti, M., Weimer, E., Creary, L.E., Vayntrub, T., Chang, C.-J., Askar, M., Mack, S.J. and Fernández-Viña, M.A.: HLA Alleles and Haplotypes Observed in 263 US Families. Human Immunology 80(9): 644-660, Sep 2019.

Osoegawa K, Vayntrub TA, Wenda S, De Santis D, Barsakis K, Ivanova M, Hsu S, Barone J, Holdsworth R, Diviney M, Askar M, Willis A, Railton D, Laflin S, Gendzekhadze K, Oki A, Sacchi N, Mazzocco M, Andreani M, Ameen R, Stavropoulos-Giokas C, Dinou A, Torres M, Dos Santos Francisco R, Serra-Pages C, Goodridge D, Balladares S, Bettinotti MP, Iglehart B, Kashi Z, Martin R, Saw CL, Ragoussis J, Downing J, Navarrete C, Chong W, Saito K, Petrek M, Tokic S, Padros K, Beatriz Rodriguez M, Zakharova V, Shragina O, Marino SR, Brown NK, Shiina T, Suzuki S, Spierings E, Zhang Q, Yin Y, Morris GP, Hernandez A, Ruiz P, Khor SS, Tokunaga K, Geretz A, Thomas R, Yamamoto F, Mallempati KC, Gangavarapu S, Kanga U, Tyagi S, Marsh SGE, Bultitude WP, Liu X, Cao D, Penning M, Hurley CK, Cesbron A, Mueller C, Mytilineos J, Weimer ET, Bengtsson M, Fischer G, Hansen JA, Chang CJ, Mack SJ, Creary LE, Fernandez-Viña MA.: Quality Control Project of NGS HLA Genotyping for the 17th International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshop. Human Immunology 80(4): 228-236, April 2019.

Brown, N.K.: Typing HLA by NGS: How Immunogenetics Labs Target a Complicated Genetic System (Filmed Lecture). ASHI University (American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics) 2019.

Upchurch R.L, Xin J.J, Minarik M, West T, Weidner J.G, Brown N, Marino S. R.: An accelerated method for reverse sequence-specific oligonucletide probe-based HLA typing. Human Immunology 79(Suppl): 140, Oct 2018.

Upchurch R.L, Xin J.J, West T, Weidner J.G, Brown N, Marino S. R.: Persistent detection of anti-HLA B8 by IgM and C1q testing in the posttransplant setting. Human Immunology 79(Suppl): 95, Oct 2018.

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