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David F. Wilson, PhD

David F. Wilson, PhD

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Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Department: Biochemistry and Biophysics
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
901A Stellar-Chance Laboratories
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6059
Office: (215) 898-6382
Fax: (215) 573-3787
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado , 1959.
Oregon State University, 1964.
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Description of Research Expertise

My research is on the regulation of cellular and tissue metabolism in vivo, with particular focus on the role of oxygen in tissue energy metabolism. This program covers several different tissues, including brain, liver, heart, and eye, and involves several models of ischemia/hypoxia and reoxygenation. We have developed an optical method for noninvasive measurement of oxygen, based on oxygen dependent quenching of phosphorescence, and are utilizing this technology for quantitative determine the oxygen dependence of tissue metabolism and function.

Selected Publications

Pastuszko, Peter. Schears, Gregory J. Pirzadeh, Afsaneh. Kubin, Joanna. Greeley, William J. Wilson, David F. Pastuszko, Anna.: Effect of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor on expression of selected proteins involved in regulation of apoptosis in the brain of newborn piglets after cardiopulmonary bypass and deep hypothermic circulatory arrest. Journal of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery 143(6): 1436-42, Jun 2012.

Doliba, Nicolai M. Qin, Wei. Najafi, Habiba. Liu, Chengyang. Buettger, Carol W. Sotiris, Johanna. Collins, Heather W. Li, Changhong. Stanley, Charles A. Wilson, David F. Grimsby, Joseph. Sarabu, Ramakanth. Naji, Ali. Matschinsky, Franz M.: Glucokinase activation repairs defective bioenergetics of islets of Langerhans isolated from type 2 diabetics. American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology & Metabolism 302(1): E87-E102, Jan 2012.

Wilson, David F. Vinogradov, Sergei A. Schears, Gregory J. Esipova, Tatiana V. Pastuszko, Anna.: Monitoring cardiopulmonary function and progression toward shock: oxygen micro-sensor for peripheral tissue. Advances in Experimental Medicine & Biology 737: 221-7, 2012.

Esipova, Tatiana V. Karagodov, Alexander. Miller, Joann. Wilson, David F. Busch, Theresa M. Vinogradov, Sergei A.: Two new "protected" oxyphors for biological oximetry: properties and application in tumor imaging. Analytical Chemistry 83(22): 8756-65, Nov 15 2011.

Tsui, Albert K Y. Marsden, Philip A. Mazer, C David. Adamson, S Lee. Henkelman, R Mark. Ho, J J David. Wilson, David F. Heximer, Scott P. Connelly, Kim A. Bolz, Steffen-Sebastian. Lidington, Darcy. El-Beheiry, Mostafa H. Dattani, Neil D. Chen, Kevin M. Hare, Gregory M T.: Priming of hypoxia-inducible factor by neuronal nitric oxide synthase is essential for adaptive responses to severe anemia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108(42): 17544-9, Oct 18 2011.

Wilson, David F.: Measuring in vivo metabolite levels in brain. Sleep 34(7): 837, Jul 2011.

Ceroni, Paola. Lebedev, Artem Y. Marchi, Enrico. Yuan, Min. Esipova, Tatiana V. Bergamini, Giacomo. Wilson, David F. Busch, Theresa M. Vinogradov, Sergei A.: Evaluation of phototoxicity of dendritic porphyrin-based phosphorescent oxygen probes: an in vitro study. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 10(6): 1056-65, Jun 2011.

Hiesinger, William. Vinogradov, Sergei A. Atluri, Pavan. Fitzpatrick, J Raymond 3rd. Frederick, John R. Levit, Rebecca D. McCormick, Ryan C. Muenzer, Jeffrey R. Yang, Elaine C. Marotta, Nicole A. MacArthur, John W. Wilson, David F. Woo, Y Joseph.: Oxygen-dependent quenching of phosphorescence used to characterize improved myocardial oxygenation resulting from vasculogenic cytokine therapy. Journal of Applied Physiology 110(5): 1460-5, May 2011.

Pirzadeh, Afsaneh. Schears, Gregory. Pastuszko, Peter. Liu, Huiping. Kubin, Joanna. Reade, Erin. Mendoza-Paredes, Alberto. Greeley, William. Nadkarni, Vinay. Wilson, David F. Pastuszko, Anna.: Effect of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest followed by low-flow cardiopulmonary bypass on brain metabolism in newborn piglets: comparison of pH-stat and alpha-stat management. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 12(2): e79-86, Mar 2011.

Pirzadeh, A. Mammen, A. Kubin, J. Reade, E. Liu, H. Mendoza, A. Greeley, W J. Wilson, D F. Pastuszko, A.: Early regional response of apoptotic activity in newborn piglet brain following hypoxia and ischemia. Neurochemical Research 36(1): 83-92, Jan 2011.

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