Bijan Pesaran, PhD

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Robert A. Groff, M.D. Professor of Teaching and Research in Neurosurgery II
Department: Neurosurgery
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Richards Medical Research Building
Philadelphia, PA
B.A.(Hons) (Physics and Theoretical Physics)
University of Cambridge, 1995.
PhD (Physics)
California Institute of Technology, 2002.
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Description of Research Expertise

Systems neuroscience
Sensory-motor integration
Neural Engineering
Brain-machine interfaces
Multiphoton microscopy
Neural data science

Selected Publications

Khazali MF, Wong YT, Dean HL, Hagan MA, Fabiszak MM, Pesaran B: Putative cell-type-specific multiregional mode in posterior parietal cortex during coordinated visual behavior Neuron 2023.

Barth, Katrina; Sun, James; Chiang, Chia-Han; Qiao, Shaoyu; Wang, Charles; Rahimpour, Shervin; Trumpis, Michael; Duraivel, Suseendrakumar; Dubey, Agrita; Wingel, Katie; Voinas, Alex; Ferrentino, Breonna; Doyle, Werner; Southwell, Derek; Haglund, Michael M.; Vestal, Matthew; Harward, Stephen; Solzbacher, Florian; Devore, Sasha; Devinsky, Orrin; Friedman, Daniel; Pesaran, Bijan; Sinha, Saurabh; Cogan, Gregory; Blanco, Justin; Viventi, Jonathan: Flexible, high-resolution cortical arrays with large coverage capture microscale high-frequency oscillations in patients with epilepsy. Epilepsia 2023.

Hamidreza Abbaspourazad, Eray Erturk, Bijan Pesaran and Maryam M. Shanechi: Dynamical flexible inference of nonlinear latent structures in neural population activity. Nature Biomedical Engineering 2023.

Eric H. Pollmann, Heyu Yin, Ilke Uguz, Agrita Dubey, Katie Elizabeth Wingel, John S Choi, Sajjad Moazeni, Yatin Gilhotra, Victoria A. Pavlovsky, Adam Banees, Vivek Boominathan, Jacob Robinson, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Vincent A. Pieribone, Bijan Pesaran, Kenneth L. Shepard: Subdural CMOS optical probe (SCOPe) for bidirectional neural interfacing. bioRxiv 2 2023.

Song C, Hsieh HL, Pesaran B, Shanechi M: Modeling and inference methods for switching regime-dependent dynamical systems with multiscale neural observations. J Neural Eng 2023.

Dubey A, Markowitz DA, Pesaran B: Top-down control of exogenous attentional selection is mediated by beta coherence in prefrontal cortex Biorxiv 2023.

Song CY, Hsieh HL, Pesaran B, Shanechi MM.: Modeling and inference methods for switching regime-dependent dynamical systems with multiscale neural observations. J Neural Eng. Oct 2022.

Witham NS, Reiche CF, Odell T, Barth K, Chiang CH, Wang C, Dubey A, Wingel K, Devore S, Friedman D, Pesaran B, Viventi J, Solzbacher F. : Flexural bending to approximate cortical forces exerted by electrocorticography (ECoG) arrays. J Neural Eng 19(4): doi: 10.1088/1741-2552/ac8452, Aug 2022.

Sun J, Barth K, Qiao S, Chiang CH, Wang C, Rahimpour S, Trumpis M, Duraivel S, Dubey A, Wingel KE, Rachinskiy I, Voinas AE, Ferrentino B, Southwell DG, Haglund MM, Friedman AH, Lad SP, Doyle WK, Solzbacher F, Cogan G, Sinha SR, Devore S, Devinsky O, Friedman D, Pesaran B, Viventi J.: Intraoperative microseizure detection using a high-density micro-electrocorticography electrode array. Brain Commun 4(3): fcac122, May 2022.

Hagan MA and Pesaran B: Modulation of inhibitory communication coordinates looking and reaching. Nature 604(7907): 708-713, April 2022.

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