Aditya G Parikh, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Department: Medicine

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Penn Heart and Vascular Medicine
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
3400 Civic Center, East Pavilion, 2nd FL
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.S. (Biology)
Emory University, 2006.
M.D. (Distinction in Research )
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2012.
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Selected Publications

Parikh A, Anyanwu AC, Mancini D.: Vasodilatory Shock after heart Transplantation: the Enigma Continues. J Card Fail 28(4): 627-629, April 2022.

Parikh A, Halista M, Raymond S, Feinman J, Mancini D, Mitter S, Barghash M, Trivieri M, Contreras J, Taimur S, Roldan J, Murphy J, Pawale A, Anyanwu A, Moss N, Lala A, Pinney SP: Relation of LVAD Infections on Post Transplant Outcomes. Am J Cardiol s0002-9149(21): 00828-6, October 2021.

Lala A, Barghash MH, Giustino G, Alvarez-Garcia J, Konje S, Parikh A, Ullman J, Keith B, Donehey J, Mitter SS, Trivieri MG, Contreras JP, Burkhoff D, Moss N, Mancini DM, Pinney SP: Early use of remote dielectric sensing after hospitalization to reduce heart failure readmissions. ESC Heart Fail 8(2): 1047-1054, April 2021.

Parikh AG, Pinney SP: Transcatheter mitral valve repair in functional mitral regurgitation: who will benefit? Ann Cardiothorac Surg 10(1): 161-163, January 2021.

Feinman J, Rollins B, Contreras J, Parikh A: Pancytopenia caused by allopurinol and azathioprine interaction in a heart transplant patient: a case report. Eur Heart J Case Rep 4(6): 1-4, Nov 2020.

Beukian S, Mahmood K, Anyanwu A, Miller M, Parikh A: A Tale of 2 Nodes After Orthotopic Heart Transplant. JACC Case Rep 2(12): 1849-1851, October 2020.

Chau VQ, Giustino G, Mahmood K, Oliveros E, Neibart E, Oloomi M, Moss N, Mitter SS, Contreras JP, Croft L, Serrao G, Parikh AG, Lala A, Trivieri MG, LaRocca G, Anyanwu A, Pinney SP, Mancini DM: Cardiogenic Shock and Hyperinflammatory Syndrome in Young Males With COVID-19. Circ Heart Fail 13(10): e007485, October 2020.

Singhvi A, Barghash M, Lala A, Mitter SS, Parikh A, Oliveros E, Rollins BM, Brunjes DL, Alvarez-Garcia J, Johnston E, Ryan K, Itagaki S, Moss N, Pinney SP, Anyanwu A, Mancini D: Challenges in heart transplantation during COVID-19: A single-center experience. J Heart Lung Transplant 39(9): 894-903, September 2020.

Mahmood K, Rashed E, Oliveros E, Chau VQ, Hermle T, Jacobs S, Lala A, Singhvi A, Parikh A, Pinney SP: Predisposition or Protection? COVID-19 in a Patient on LVAD Support with HIV/AIDS JACC Case Rep 2(9): 1337-1341, July 2020.

Chau VQ, Olveros E, Mahmood K, Singhvi A, Lala A, Moss N, Gidwani U, Mancini DM, Pinney SP, Parikh A: The Imperfect Cytokine Storm: Severe COVID-19 with ARDS in Patients on Durable LVAD Support. JACC Case Rep 2(9): 1315-1320, July 2020.

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