Colin J. Thomas, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine (Hematology-Oncology)
Attending Physician, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
3400 Civic Center Blvd
12th floor, South Pavilion
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BS (Cell Biology and Biochemistry )
Bucknell University , 2010.
MD (Medicine )
Temple University School of Medicine , 2016.
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Selected Publications

Colin Thomas, Veronica Carvajal and Stefan Barta: Targeted Therapies in the Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Cancers. MDPI, 16(10): 1937, May 2024 Notes:

Rosenberg M, Poluch M, Thomas C, Sindaco P, Khoo A, Porcu P.: Hepatitis B Virus and B-cell lymphoma: evidence, unmet need, clinical impact, and opportunities. Front Oncol 13: 1275800, Oct 2023.

Epperla N, Zhao Q, Moyo T, Watkins MP, Tavakkoli M, Bello C, Torka P, Reddy N, Thomas C, Annunzio K, Christian B, Barta SK, Shouse G, Olszewski AJ, Bartlett NL.: Outcomes of marginal zone lymphoma treated with ibrutinib in the first-line setting in USA: A Real World Analysis. Blood Adv Dec 2023.

Colin Thomas, Sameep Thapa, Connor McLaughlin, Molly Halloran, Pierluigi Porcu. : Point and counterpoint: polatuzumab vedotin in the front-line therapy for diffuse large b-cell lymphoma. Front Oncol 12: 1098375. Jan 2023.

Epperla N, Zhao Q, Karmali R, Torka P, Shea L, Oh TS, Anampa-Guzmán A, Reves H, Tavakkoli M, Greenwell IB, Hansinger E, Umyarova E, Annunzio K, Sawalha Y, Christian B, Thomas C, Barta SK, Geethakumari PR, Bartlett NL, Grover NS, Olszewski AJ.: Impact of detectable monoclonal protein at diagnosis on outcomes in marginal zone lymphoma: a multicenter cohort study. Blood Adv 7: 5038-5046, Sep 2023.

Epperla N, Welkie RL, Torka P, Shouse G, Karmali R, Shea L, Anampa-Guzmán A, Oh TS, Reaves H, Tavakkoli M, Lindsey K, Greenwell IB, Hansinger E, Thomas C, Chowdhury SM, Annunzio K, Christian B, Barta SK, Geethakumari PR, Bartlett NL, Herrera AF, Grover NS, Olszewski AJ.: Impact of early relapse within 24 months after first-line systemic therapy (POD24) on outcomes in patients with marginal zone lymphoma: A US multisite study. J Hematol Oncol 16: 49, May 2023.

Epperla, N., Zhao, Q., Chowdhury, S., Shea, L., Moyo, T., Reddy, N., Sheets, J., Weiner, D., Geethakumari, P., Kandarpa, M., Bruno, X., Thomas, C., Churnetski, M., Hsu, A., Zurbriggen, L., Tan, C., Lindsay, K., Maakaron, J., Caimi, P., Torka, P., Bello, C., Ayyappan, S., Karmali, R., Kim, S., Kress, A., Kothari, S., Sawalha, Y., Christian, B., David, K., Greenwell, I., Janakiram, M., Kenkre, V., Olszewski, A., Cohen, J., Palmisiano, N., Umyarova, E., Wilcox, R., Awan, F., Alderuccio, J., Barta, S., Grover, N., Ghosh, N., Bartlett, N., Herrera, A., Shouse, G.: Predictive factors and outcomes for ibrutinib in relapsed/refractory marginal zone lymphoma: a multicenter cohort study. J Hematol Oncol 15(1): 96, Jul 2022.

Epperla N, Zhao Q, Chowdhury SM, Shea L, Moyo TK, Reddy N, Sheets J, Weiner DM, Geethakumari PR, Kandarpa M, Bruno XJ, Thomas C, Churnetski MC, Hsu A, Zurbriggen L, Tan XC, Lindsey K, Maakaron J, Caimi PF, Torka P, Bello C, Ayyappan S, Oh TS, Karmali R, Kim SH, Kress A, Kothari S, Sawalha Y, Christian B, David KA, Greenwell IB, Janakiram M, Kenkre VP, Olszewski AJ, Cohen JB, Palmisiano N, Umyarova E, Wilcox RA, Awan FT, Alderuccio JP, Barta SK, Grover NS, Ghosh N, Bartlett NL, Herrera AF, Shouse G.: Postibrutinib relapse outcomes for patients with marginal zone lymphoma. Blood Adv 7: 88-91, Jan 2023.

Colin Thomas, Christine Kurian, Sarah Houtmann, Neil Palmisiano. : Efficacy of half-day workshops for internal medicine interns in educating breaking-bad-news conversations. Palliat Med Rep 2(1): 132-136, May 2021.

Christine J Kurian, Colin Thomas, Sarah Houtmann, Thomas Klumpp, Adam Finn Binder.: Case report: concomitant diagnosis of plasma cell leukemia in patient with JAK2 positive myeloproliferative neoplasm. Front Oncol 27: 10:1497. Aug 2020.

Thomas, C., Ji, Y., Wu, C., Datz, H., Boyle, C., MacLeod, B., Patel, S., Ampofo, M., Currie, M., Harbin, J., Pechenkina, K., Lodhi, N., Johnson, S, Tulin, A.: Hit and run versus long-term activation of PARP-1 by its different domains fine-tunes nuclear processes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 116(20): 9941-9946, May 2019.

Colin Thomas, Yingbiao Ji, Niraj Lodhi, Elena Kotova, Aaron Dan Pinnola, Konstantin Golovine, Peter Makhov, Kate Pechenkina, Vladimir Kolenko, Alexei V Tulin. : Non-NAD-like poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-I inhibitors effectively eliminate cancer in vivo. EBioMedicine 13: 90-98, Nov 2016.

Yingbiao Ji, Colin Thomas, Nikita Tulin, Niraj Lodhi, Ernest Boamah, Vladimir Kolenko, Alexei V Tulin. : Charon mediates immune deficiency- driven PARP-I-dependent immune responses in drosophila. J Immunol 197(6): 2382-9, Sep 2016.

Colin Thomas, Alexei V Tulin : Poly-ADP-ribose polymerase: machinery for nuclear processes Mol Aspects Med 34(6): 1124-37, Dec 2013.

Colin Thomas, Sujana Movva : Eribulin in the management of inoperable soft-tissue sarcoma: patient selection and survival. Onco Targets Ther 9: 9:5619-27, Sep 2016.

Colin J Thomas, Elena Kotova, Mark Andrake, Jared Adolf-Bryfogle, Robert Glaser, Catherine Regnard, Alexei V Tulin.: Kinase-mediated changes in nucleosome conformation trigger chromatin decondensation via poly- ADP-ribosylation. Mol Cell 53(5): 831-42, Mar 2014.

Colin Thomas, Elena Kotova, Alexei V Tulin : PARP-I interaction with and activation by histones and nucleosomes. Methods Mol Biol 1608: 255-267, 2017 Notes: 10.1007/978-1-4939-6993-7_17

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