Emma E. Furth, M.D.

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Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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HUP - 6.46 Founders
3400 Spruce St.
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2156626504
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Genetic Toxicology): "Microwell plating technique for diploid human lymphoblast mutation assays: Quabain resistance as a measure of base pair substitution", 1979.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1979.
University of Chicago, 1984.
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Description of Research Expertise

Gastrointestinal, liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases. Mathmatical modeling. Liver fibrosis mechanisisms. Image analysis. Human and animal models of disease comparison. Immunohistochemistry. Pathology.

Description of Clinical Expertise

Pathology. Gastrointestinal and pancreas and liver diseases. Immunohistochemistry.

Selected Publications

Krasinskas AM, Abraham SC, Metz DC, Furth EE: Oxyntic mucosa pseudopolyps: A presentation of atrophic autoimmune gastritis. American Journal of Surgical Pathology. (eds.). 27(2): 236-41, February 2003.

Gibson SL, Dai CY, Lee HW, DePinho RA, Gee MS, Lee WMF, Furth EE, Brensinger C, and Enders GH: Inhibition of colon tumor progression and angiongenesis by the Ink4a/Arf Locus. Cancer Research 63: 742-746, February 2003.

Raper SE, Yudkoff M, Chirmule N., Gao GP, Nunes F, Haskal ZJ, Furth EE, Propert KJ, Robinson MB, Magosin S, Simoes H, Speicher L, Hughes J, Tazelarr J, Wivel NA, Wilson Jm, Batshaw ML: A pilot study of in vivo liver-directed gene transfer with an adenoviral vector impartial ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency. Human Gene Therapy 13(1): 163-75, January 2002.

Kreisel D, Petrowsky H., Krasinskas AM, Krupnick AS, Szeto WY, McLean AD, Popma SH, Gelman AE, Traum MK, Furth EE, Moore JS, Rosengard BR: The role of passenger leukocyte genotype in rejection and acceptance of rat liver allografts. Transplantation. (eds.). 73(9): 1501-7, May 2002.

Ahmad NA, Kochman ML, Long WB, Furth EE, Ginsberg GG: Efficacy, safety and clinical outcomes of endoscopic mucosal resection: a study of 101 cases. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 55(3): 390-6, March 2002.

Abraham SC, Lee JH, Boitnott JK, Argani P, Furth EE, Wut TT: Microsattelite instability in intraductal papillary neoplasms of the biliary tract. Mod Pathol 15(12): 1309-17, December 2002.

Furth EE: Gastrointestinal system. Endocrine pathology. Asa SA and LiVolsi VA (eds.). .B. Saunders Company. Churchill Livingstone, W(9): 237-241, 2002.

Pui JC, Furth EE, Minda J and Montone KT: Detection of Varicella-Zoster in the smooth muscle and myenteric plexi of the colon in HIV-positive patient with herpes zoster and small bowel pseudo-obstruction. American Journal of Gastroenterology 96(5): 1627-30, May 2001.

Krasinskas AM, Ruchelli ED, Rand EB, Chittams JL and Furth EE: Central Venulitis in pediatric liver allografts. Hepatology 33(5): 1141-1147, 2001.

Yu GH, Nayar R, and Furth EE: Adenocarcinoma in colonic brushing cytology: High-grade dysplasia as a diagnostic pitfall. Diagn Cytopathol. (eds.). 24: 364-368, 2001.

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