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Julia I-Ju Leu

Research Associate Professor of Genetics
Department: Genetics

Contact information
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Department of Genetics
520 Clinical Research Building
415 Curie Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-898-5033
B.S. (Cell and Molecular Biology)
University of Washington, 1994.
Ph.D. (Cell and Molecular Biology)
University of Pennsylvania , 2001.
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Selected Publications

Leu, J.I., Barnoud, T., Zhang, G., Tian, T., Wei, Z., Herlyn, M., Murphy, M.E., George, D.L.: Inhibition of stress-inducible HSP70 impairs mitochondrial proteostasis and function. Oncotarget 2017.

Kung, C.P., Leu, J.I., Basu, S., Khaku, S., Anokye-Danso, F., Liu, Q., George, D.L., Ahima, R.S., Murphy, M.E.: The P72R polymorphism of p53 predisposes to obesity and metabolic dysfunction. Cell Reports 14(10): 2413-2425, 2016.

Budina-Kolomets, A., Webster, M.R., Leu, J.I., Jennis, M., Krepler, C., Guerrini, A., Kossenkov, A.V., Xu, W., Karakousis, G.C., Schuchter, L.M., Amaravadi, R.K., Wu, H., Yin, X., Liu, Q., Lu, Y., Mills, G.B., Xu, X., George, D.L., Weeraratna, A.T., Murphy, M.E.: HSP70 inhibition limits FAK-dependent invasion and enhances the response to melanoma treatment with BRAF inhibitors. Cancer Research 76(9): 2720-2730, 2016.

Jennis, M., Kung, C.P., Basu, S., Budina-Kolomets, A., Leu, J.I., Khaku, S., Scott, J.P., Cai, K.Q., Campbell, M.R., Porter, D.K., Wang, X., Bell, D.A., Li, X., Garlick, D.S., Liu, Q., Hollstein, M., George, D.L., Murphy, M.E.: An African-specific polymorphism in the TP53 gene impairs p53 tumor suppressor function in a mouse model. Genes & Development 30(8): 918-930, 2016.

Leu*, J.I., Zhang, P., Murphy, M.E., Marmorstein, R., George, D.L.: Structural basis for the inhibition of HSP70 and DnaK chaperones by small-molecule targeting of a C-terminal allosteric pocket. ACS Chemical Biology 9(11): 2508-2516, 2014. Notes: Notes: *Co-corresponding author.

Balaburski, G.M., Leu, J.I., Beeharry, N., Hayik, S., Andrake, M.D., Zhang, G., Herlyn, M., Villanueva, J., Dunbrack, R.L., Jr., Yen, T., George, D.L., Murphy, M.E.: A modified HSP70 inhibitor shows broad activity as an anticancer agent. Molecular Cancer Research 11(3): 219-229, 2013.

Leu, J.I., Pimkina, J., Frank, A., Murphy, M.E., George, D.L.: A small molecule inhibitor of inducible heat shock protein 70. Molecular Cell 36(1): 15-27, 2009.

Leu, J.I., George, D.L.: Hepatic IGFBP1 is a prosurvival factor that binds to BAK, protects the liver from apoptosis, and antagonizes the proapoptotic actions of p53 at mitochondria. Genes & Development 21(23): 3095-3109, 2007.

Leu, J.I., Dumont, P., Hafey, M., Murphy, M. E., George, D.L.: Mitochondrial p53 activates Bak and causes disruption of a Bak-Mcl1 complex. Nature Cell Biology 6(5): 443-450, 2004.

Dumont, P., Leu*, J.I., Della Pietra, A.C., 3rd, George, D.L., Murphy, M.: The codon 72 polymorphic variants of p53 have markedly different apoptotic potential. Nature Genetics 33(3): 357-365, 2003. Notes: *Co-first author.

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