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David Scott Metzger

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David Scott Metzger

Research Professor of Social Policy in Psychiatry
Director, HIV Prevention Research Division, Center for Studies of Addiction, Department of Psychiatry , University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
HIV Prevention Research Division
3535 Market Street Rm. 4001
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-7346
Fax: 215-746-7377
B.A. (Psychology)
Stockton State College , 1975.
M.S. (Applied Research)
Hahnemann University , 1977.
Ph.D. (Social Policy Analysis)
Rutgers University, 1987.
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Selected Publications

Pechansky, F., von Diemen, L., Kessler, F., Hirakata, V., Metzger, D., Woody, G.E. : Preliminary estimates of HIV prevalence and incidence among cocaine abusers of Porto Alegre, Brazil. J. Urban Health 80: 115-126, 2003.

Coletti, A., Heagerty, P., Sheon, A., Gross, M., Koblin, B., Metzger, D., Seage, G. : Randomized, controlled evaluation of a prototype informed consent process for HIV vaccine trials. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 32: 161-169, 2003.

Messiah A, Navaline H, Davis-Vogel A, Tobin-Fiore D, Metzger D. : Sociodemographic and behavioral characteristics associated with timeliness and retention in a six-month follow-up study of high-risk injection drug users. American Journal of Epidemiology 157: 930-939, 2003.

Yang JH, Lai JP, Douglas SD, Metzger D, Zhu XH, and Ho WZ.: Real-time PCR for quantification of hepatitis C Virus RNA. J Virologic Meth. 102: 119-128, 2002.

Pechansky, F., Hirakata, V., and Metzger, D. : Adaptation and validation of a questionnaire about risk behaviors for AIDS among drug users. Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry. 24: 130-136, 2002.

Porter, J., Metzger, D.S., and Scotti, R. : Awareness of drug treatment and other services among needle exchange participants. Drug Use and Misuse. 2002.

Wang, X., Douglas, S.D., Metzger, D.S., Guo, C-J.,. Li, Y., O'Brien C.P., Song, L., Davis-Vogal, A., and Ho, W-Z: Alcohol potentiates HIV-1 infection of human blood mononuclear phagocytes. Alcohol. Clin. Exp. Res. 26: 1880-1886, 2002.

Wickrema R., Scotti R., Navaline H., Davis-vVogel A., Fiore D., Woody G., Metzger D.: Preferences for HIV home-collection test kits among drug users in methadone maintenance, detoxification, and syringe exchange programs. 66(S1-220): S113, 2002.

Messiah A., Tobin-Fiore D., Yang P., Woody G., Metzger D.: Dramatic increases in mortality rates among injection drug users in Philadelphia. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 66(S1-220): S113, 2002.

Mark H.D., Davis-Vogel A., Navaline H., Scotti R., Wickrema R.,Woody G., Metzger D.: HIV risk behavior among female injecting drug users in Philadelphia. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 66(S1-220): S113, 2002.

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