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CPUP Committee on Anti-Racism

In recognition of the pervasive problem of structural racism in health care systems, and the uneasy history of racial discrimination locally and in society at large, the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania has made a conscious commitment to tangible change.   This is an ingrained, sustained, societal problem that needs to be addressed, remedied and fixed.

This CPUP Committee on Anti-Racism has been formed to contribute to effecting that change.  This Committee is committed to making concrete, positive and fundamental changes to reject and eliminate the longstanding and established disparities and inequities which provide support, and form the basis of racist views, actions, attitudes, and philosophies.  This is a marathon, not a sprint!  Click here to learn more.




A warm welcome to Penn, the birthplace of Psychiatry! 

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the vibrant Department of Psychiatry of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  Penn Psychiatry excels in research, education and, providing the most cutting-edge psychiatric care to our patients.  Importantly, Penn Psychiatry is devoted to ensuring that we care for our community not only through direct mental health care, but also through civic engagement, advocacy and work to improve public policy relevant to psychiatry.

At Penn Psychiatry, we train the next generation of leaders in patient care and research in just about every area in Psychiatry.  In addition to our excellent programs for medical students and residents, we offer a panoply of advanced training programs including multiple research fellowships and tracks (T32s and R25s), clinical fellowships in all ACGME approved subspecialties, Public Psychiatry fellowships, Psychology Internships and more.

The psychiatry research portfolio at Penn, the VA and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is expansive and Penn Psychiatry routinely ranks in the top 5 for NIH funding.  The range includes molecular mechanisms of neuropsychiatric conditions, neurocircuitry, implementation science, neuromodulation, and health policy research, to name a few.  There is world class research occurring here across the spectrum of disciplines relevant to psychiatry.

Innovation in clinical services is the hallmark of Penn Psychiatry.  Whether it is Penn Integrated Care (PIC), based on the collaborative care model or Mental Health Engagement, Navigation and Delivery (MEND) based on behavioral intervention teams, the outstanding clinical faculty at Penn are constantly devising the best solutions based on evidence to deliver high quality, sustainable psychiatric services.  Careful analysis of outcome measures that are both clinical and financial ensure top results for the mental health of the populations we care for in a sustainable manner.

Penn Psychiatry is proud to deliver extensive services across the region in collaboration with our partners at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Lancaster General Hospital, Penn Presbyterian Hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital, and Princeton Hospital.  Across the University of Pennsylvania’s Health System, Penn Psychiatry offers inpatient services, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient specialty services, employee assistance programs, and integrated services.

Penn Psychiatry is devoted to realizing its vision of “promoting health for the brain and mind to transform lives and the world.”  Please explore our website so you can learn more about the exciting work happening here!

Maria A. Oquendo, M.D., Ph.D.
Ruth Meltzer Professor
Chairman of Psychiatry
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

Promoting health for the brain and mind to transform lives and the world.

Penn Psychiatry develops and implements new ideas to understand, prevent and treat disorders of the brain and mind, through innovative research and discoveries, outstanding educational programs, world renowned clinical services, and transformational public health policies.