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Jennifer R Goldschmied

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Department of Psychiatry
Perelman School of Medicine
3535 Market Street, Suite 670
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2155732774
B.A. (Psychology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2006.
M.S. (Clinical Psychology)
University of Michigan, 2012.
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
University of Michigan, 2016.
Post-Graduate Training
Clinical Psychology Intern, Medical University of South Carolina, 2015-2016.
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology, Department of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 2016-2019.
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Selected Publications

Goldschmied, J. R., Boland, E., Palermo, E., Barilla, H., Dinges, D., Detre, J. A., Basner, M., Sheline, Y. I., Rao, H., Gehrman, P. : Antidepressant effects of acute sleep deprivation are reduced in highly controlled environments. Journal of Affective Disorders. 340: 412-19, November 2023.

Chai, Y., Gehrman, P., Yu, M., Mao, T., Deng, Y., Rao, J., Shi, H., Quan, P., Xu, J., Zhang, X., Lei, H., Fang, Z., Xu, S., Boland, E., Goldschmied, J. R., Barilla, H., Goel, N., Basner, M., Thase, M. E., Sheline, Y. I., Dinges, D., Detre, J. A., Zhang, X., & Rao, H.: Enhanced amygdala–cingulate connectivity associates with better mood in both healthy and depressive individuals after sleep deprivation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(26): e2214505120, June 2023.

Boland, E.M., Goldschmied, J., Gehrman, P. : Does insomnia treatment prevent depression? Sleep 2023.

Goldschmied, J.R., Kuna, S.T., Maislin, G., Tanayapong, P., Pack, A.I., & Younes, M.: The Sleep Homeostatic Response to Sleep Deprivation in Humans is Heritable. Sleep 46(3): zsac314, March 2022.

Bilbao, A.D.V., Goldschmied, J., Jang, A., Ehrlmann, D., Kaplish, N., Pitt, B., Arnedt, T., Sen, S., Dalack, G., Deldin, P.J. : A Preliminary Study on the Relationship Between Sleep, Depression and Cardiovascular Dysfunction in a 4 Sample Population. IJC Heart & Vasculature 35: 100814, June 2021.

Goldschmied, J.R., Sengupta, A., Sharma, A., Taylor, L., Morales, K.H., Thase, M.E., Weljie, A., Kayser, M.S. : Treatment with Zaleplon in HIV+ significantly improves sleep and depression. Psychopharmacology Bulletin 51(3): 50-64, June 2021.

Boland, E., Goldschmied, J., Perlis, M., Gehrman, P. : Mood Disorders and Sleep. The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, 2nd Edition. 2021.

Goldschmied, J.R., Gehrman, P.: CBT-I for Patients with Depression. Adapting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. 2021.

Goldschmied, J., Lacourse, K., Maislin, G., Delfrate, J., Gehrman, P., Pack, F.M., Staley, B., Pack, A.I., Younes, M., Kuna, S.T., Warby, S.C.: Heritability of spindles and spindle characteristics is influenced by spindle detection method used. Sleep 44(4): zsaa230, April 2020.

Goldschmied, J.R.: How Sleep Shapes Emotion Regulation. Sleep, Personality, and Social Behavior. Z. Krizan (eds.). Springer International Publishing, 2020.

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