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Debra S Lefkowitz

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry
Lecturer B, College of Liberal and Professional Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Psychology, CSH-021
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-426-5720
BA (Psychology)
Rutgers University, 1995.
Psy.D. (School Psychology)
Rutgers University, 2002.
Post-Graduate Training
Pediatric Psychology Intern, Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 2001-2002.
Pediatric Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellow, Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA , 2002-2003.
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Selected Publications

Grady, K.L., Van’t Hof, K., Andrei, A-C., Shankel, T., Chinnock, R., Miyamoto, S., Ambardekar, A., Anderson, A., Addonizio, L., Latif, F., Lefkowitz, D., Goldberg, L., Hollander, S.A., Pham, M., Weissberg-Benchell, J., Cool, N., Yancy, C., Pahl, E. : Pediatric Heart Transplantation: Transitioning to Adult Care (TRANSIT): Baseline Findings. Pediatrics November 2017.

Amaral, S., Kessler, S.K., Levy, T.J., Gaetz, W., McAndrew, C., Chang, B., Xu, X., Elder, D., Lefkowitz, D., Feudtner, C., Thibaudeau, S., Lin, I.C., Kovach, S.J., Schwartz, E.S., Bozentka, D., Carrigan, R., Steinberg, D., Kanchwala, S., Zlotolow, D.A., Kozin, S., Jensen, F.E., Bryant, P.R., Shaked, A., Levine, M.H., Levin, L.S. Levin, L.S.: 18-month outcomes of heterologous bilateral hand transplantation in a child: a case report. Lancet Child and Adolescent Health July 2017.

Lefkowitz, D., Fitzgerald, C.J: mHealth technology for adolescent transplant recipients: What’s ha”app”ening in adherence promotion. Pediatric Transplantation 20(1): 11-12, February 2016.

Fitzgerald, C.J., Lefkowitz, D.S., Mooreville, M., Robinson, E., Rossano, J., Goldfarb, S.: Assessment of executive functioning and illness management among adolescent solid organ transplant recipients. Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, San Diego, CA April 2015 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Lefkowitz, D.S., Fitzgerald, C.J., Mooreville, M., Robinson, E., Rossano, J., Goldfarb, S: Executive functioning and the allocation of treatment responsibility in adolescent solid organ transplant recipients. 8th Congress of the International Pediatric Transplant Association, San Francisco, CA March 2015 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Lefkowitz, D.S., Fitzgerald, C.J., Zelikovsky, N., Barlow, K., Wray, J: Best practices in the pre-transplant psychosocial evaluation. Pediatric Transplantation 18(4): 327-335, 2014.

Lefkowitz D.S., Fowler A., Wray J: The transplant journey: Psychosocial aspects of different stages of the transplantation process. Pediatric Transplantation 18(2): 123-124, 2014.

Annunziato, R.A., Freiberger, D., Martin, K., Helcer, J., Fitzgerald, C., Lefkowitz, D.S.: An empirically-based practice perspective on the transition to adulthood for solid organ transplant recipients. Pediatric Transplantation 18(8): 794-802, 2014.

Brosig, C., Pai, A., Fairey, E., Krempien, J., McBride, M., Lefkowitz, D.S.: Child and family adjustment following pediatric solid organ transplantation: Factors to consider during the early years post-transplant. Pediatric Transplantation 18(8): 559-567, 2014.

Savla, J., Lin, K.Y., Lefkowitz, D.S., Paridon, S.M., Gaynor, J.W., Hammond, R., Shaddy, R.E., Rossano, J.W.: Adolescent age and heart transplantation outcomes in myocarditis or congenital heart disease. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 33(9): 943-949, 2014.

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