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Tracy E Waasdorp

Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Senior Research Scientist , Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Director of Research for School-Based Bullying and Social Emotional Learning in the Center for Violence Prevention , Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
The Roberts Center for Pediatric Research
2716 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Office: 2674251312
BA (Psychology)
Muhlenberg College, 2002.
MS (Counseling and Psychological Services)
University of Pennsylvania, 2003.
PhD (Human Development and Family Studies)
University of Delaware, 2008.
Post-Graduate Training
Postdoctoral Fellow, Mental Health, Johns Hopkins University, 2008-2010.
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Selected Publications

Paskewich, B.S., Waasdorp, T.E., Waanders, C., Fu, R., & Leff, S.S.: Adapting a Universal Aggression Prevention Program through Community-based Participatory Research to Overcome Subgroup Differences in Program Outcomes. Paper to be presented at the World Anti-Bullying Forum. Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. October 2023.

Waasdorp, T. E.: Leveraging Online Video Games for Children’s Development. Psychology Today 2023 Notes: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/keeping-your-kids-safe/202303/leveraging-online-video-games-for-childrens-development.

Paskewich, B. S.: Using a Community-Based Participatory Research Approach to Expand the Impact of a School-based Aggression Prevention Program. Tracy Waasdorp quoted in Research in Action Blog for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia October 2022.

Myers RK, Kapa HM, Lombardi L, Ostapenko S, Waasdorp T.: Examining the Intersection of Peer Bullying and Physical Assault Victimization among Children and Adolescents through Linkage of Clinical Data Sources. Oral presentation at the Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research Annual Meeting. March 2022.

Shafer, E.: Training Teachers to Detect, Prevent, and Intervene with Bullying. Tracy Waasdorp quoted in Cornerstone Blog for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute March 2022 Notes: https://www.research.chop.edu/cornerstone-blog/training-teachers-to-detect-prevent-and-intervene-with-bullying.

Waasdorp, T.E.: Unmasking Relational Aggression in Schools. Research in Action Blog, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Center for Injury Research & Prevention. March 2022 Notes: https://injury.research.chop.edu/blog/posts/unmasking-relational-aggression-schools.

Korp, A.: Report: Students Better at Recognizing Relationally Aggressive Classmates. Tracy Waasdorp quoted in Drexel.edu/News February 2022 Notes: https://drexel.edu/news/archive/2022/february/students-better-at-recognizing-relationally-aggressive-classmates.

Puhy, CE., Daly, BP., Leff, SS., Waasdorp, TE.: Identifying Relationally Aggressive Students: How Aligned are Teachers and Peers? School Mental health Online First: doi:10.1007/s12310-021-09498-8, 2022.

Mehari, K. R., Beulah, B., Paskewich, B., Leff, S. S., & Waasdorp, T. E. : Cyberbullying and Empathy Among Late-Elementary School Children. International Journal of Bullying Prevention. 2022 Notes: https://doi.org/10.1007/s42380-022-00119-9.

Waasdorp, T. E., Fu, R., Clary, L. K., & Bradshaw, C. P.: School climate and bullying bystander responses in middle and high school. Applied Developmental Psychology, 80: 101412, 2022 Notes: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.appdev.2022.101412.

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