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Juhi Pandey

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research
2716 South Street, 5th Floor, Office 5364
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Office: 267.418.1636
Fax: 267.426.1221
Lab: 267.426.4911
B.A. (Psychology/Biology)
University of Rochester, 2001.
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology)
University of Connecticut, 2008.
Post-Graduate Training
Clinical Internship in Psychology, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, D.C., 2007-2008.
Fellowship, Autism/Pediatric Neuropsychology, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, 2008-2010.
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Selected Publications

Meredith Cola,Casey J. Zampella,Lisa D. Yankowitz,Samantha Plate,Victoria Petrulla,Kimberly Tena,Alison Russell,Juhi Pandey,Robert T. Schultz,Julia Parish-Morris: Conversational adaptation in children and teens with autism: Differences in talkativeness across contexts. Autism Research 15(6): 1090-1108, June 2022.

Lisa D. Wiggins,Lin H. Tian,Eric Rubenstein,Laura Schieve,Julie Daniels,Karen Pazol,Carolyn DiGuiseppi,Brian Barger,Eric Moody,Steven Rosenberg,Chyrise Bradley,Melanie Hsu,Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg,Deborah Christensen,Tessa Crume,Juhi Pandey,Susan E. Levy: Features that best define the heterogeneity and homogeneity of autism in preschool-age children: A multisite case–control analysis replicated across two independent samples. Autism Research 15(3): 539-550, March 2022.

Samantha Plate,Lisa Yankowitz,Leslie Resorla,Meghan R. Swanson,Shoba Sreenath Meera,Annette Estes,Natasha Marrus,Meredith Cola,Victoria Petrulla,Aubrey Faggen,Juhi Pandey,Sarah Paterson,John R. Pruett Jr.,Heather Hazlett,Stephen Dager,Tanya St. John,Kelly Botteron,Lonnie Zwaigenbaum,Joseph Piven,Robert T. Schultz,Julia Parish-Morris,IBIS Network: Infant vocalizing and phenotypic outcomes in autism: Evidence from the first 2 years. Child Development 93(2): 468-483, March 2022.

Mark D. Shen, Ph.D., Meghan R. Swanson, Ph.D., Jason J. Wolff, Ph.D., Jed T. Elison, Ph.D., Jessica B. Girault, Ph.D., Sun Hyung Kim, Ph.D., Rachel G. Smith, B.A., Michael M. Graves, M.S., Leigh Anne H. Weisenfeld, M.S.W., Lisa Flake, M.S.W., Leigh MacIntyre, M.S., Julia L. Gross, B.S., Catherine A. Burrows, Ph.D., Vladimir S. Fonov, Ph.D., D. Louis Collins, Ph.D., Alan C. Evans, Ph.D., Guido Gerig, Ph.D., Robert C. McKinstry, M.D., Ph.D., Juhi Pandey, Ph.D., Tanya St. John, Ph.D., Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, M.D., Annette M. Estes, Ph.D., Stephen R. Dager, M.D., Robert T. Schultz, Ph.D., Martin A. Styner, Ph.D., Kelly N. Botteron, M.D., Heather C. Hazlett, Ph.D., Joseph Piven, M.D., for the IBIS Network: Subcortical Brain Development in Autism and Fragile X Syndrome: Evidence for Dynamic, Age- and Disorder-Specific Trajectories in Infancy. The American Journal of Psychiatry March 2022.

Meredith Cola, Lisa D. Yankowitz, Kimberly Tena, Alison Russell, Leila Bateman, Azia Knox, Samantha Plate, Laura S. Cubit, Casey J. Zampella, Juhi Pandey, Robert T. Schultz & Julia Parish-Morris: Friend matters: sex differences in social language during autism diagnostic interviews. Molecular Autism 13(5), January 2022.

Jessica B. Girault, Ph.D., Kevin Donovan, Ph.D., Zoë Hawks, Ph.D., Muhamed Talovic, M.S., Elizabeth Forsen, B.S., Jed T. Elison, Ph.D., Mark D. Shen, Ph.D., Meghan R. Swanson, Ph.D., Jason J. Wolff, Ph.D., Sun Hyung Kim, Ph.D., Tomoyuki Nishino, M.S., Savannah Davis, M.S., Abraham Z. Snyder, M.D., Ph.D., Kelly N. Botteron, M.D., Annette M. Estes, Ph.D., Stephen R. Dager, M.D., Heather C. Hazlett, Ph.D., Guido Gerig, Ph.D., Robert McKinstry, M.D., Ph.D., Juhi Pandey, Ph.D., Robert T. Schultz, Ph.D., Tanya St. John, Ph.D., Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, M.D., Alexandre Todorov, Ph.D., Young Truong, Ph.D., Martin Styner, Ph.D., John R. Pruett Jr, M.D., Ph.D., John N. Constantino, M.D., Joseph Piven, M.D., for the IBIS Network: Infant Visual Brain Development and Inherited Genetic Liability in Autism. The American Journal of Psychiatry 2022.

Tunc, B., Pandey, J., St. John, T., Meera, S.S., Maldarelli, J.E., Zwaigenbaum, L., Hazlett, H.C., Dager, S.R., Botteron, K.N., Girault, J.B., McKinstry, R.C., Verma, R., Elison, J.T., Pruett, J.R. Jr., Piven, J., Estes, A.M., Schultz, R.T., The IBIS Network: Diagnostic shifts in autism spectrum disorder can be linked to the fuzzy nature of the diagnostic boundary: a data-driven approach. The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 62(10): 1236-1245, October 2021.

Song, A., Cola, M., Plate, S., Petrulla, V., Yankowitz, L., Pandey, J., Schultz, R.T., Parish-Morris, J: Natural language markers of social phenotype in girls with autism. The Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry 62(8): 949-960, August 2021.

Meera, S.S., Donovan, K., Wolff, J.J., Zwaigenbaum, L., Elison, J.T., Kinh, T., Shen, M.D., Estes, A.M., Hazlett, H.C., Watson, L.R., Baranek, G.T., Swanson, M.R., St.John, T., Burrows, C.A., Schultz, R.T., Dager, S.R., Botteron, K.N., Pandey, J., Piven, J., for the IBIS Network.: Towards a Data-Driven Approach to Screen for Autism Risk at 12 Months of Age. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 60(8): 968-977, August 2021.

Bal, V.H., Wilkinson, E., White, C., Law, J.K., the SPARK Consortium, Feliciano, P., and Chung, W.K.: Early Pandemic Experiences of Autistic Adults: Predictors of Psychological Distress. Autism Research 14(6): 1209-1219, June 2021.

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