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J. Cobb Scott

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Brain Behavior Laboratory
Department of Psychiatry
10 Gates Pavilion
3400 Spruce Street
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283
Office: 215-662-7388
BA (Psychology)
Wesleyan University, 1999.
MS (Psychology)
San Diego State University, 2006.
PhD (Clinical Psychology)
University of California, San Diego, 2009.
Internship (Clinical Psychology)
VA Connecticut Healthcare System, 2009.
Post-Graduate Training
NIMH T32 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine National Center for PTSD, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, 2009-2011.
Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University School of Medicine, 2011-2011.
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Selected Publications

Scott JC, Slomiak ST, Jones JD, Rosen AFG, Moore TM, Gur RC: Association of Cannabis With Cognitive Functioning in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA Psychiatry 75(6): 585-595, June 2018.

Scott JC, Rosen AFG, Moore TM, Roalf DR, Satterthwaite TD, Calkins ME, Ruparel K, Gur RE, & Gur RC. : Cannabis use in youth is associated with limited alterations in brain structure. Neuropsychopharmacology 2019.

Scott JC, Wolf DH, Calkins ME, Bach EC, Weidner J, Ruparel K, Moore TM, Jones JD, Jackson CT, Gur RE, & Gur RC: Cognitive Functioning in Adolescent and Young Adult Cannabis Users in the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 31(4): 423-434, Jun 2017.

Scott, J.C., Harb, G.C., Brownlow, J., Greene, J., Gur, R.C., & Ross, R.J. : Verbal memory functioning moderates psychotherapy treatment response for PTSD-related nightmares. Behaviour Research and Therapy 91: 24-32, April 2017.

Abdallah, C.G., Wrocklage, K.M., Averill, C.L., Akiki, T. Schweinsburg, B.C., Roy, A., Martini, B., Southwick, S.M., Krystal, J.H., & Scott, J.C. : Anterior Hippocampal Dysconnectivity in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Dimensional and Multimodal Approach. Translational Psychiatry 7(2): e1045, Feb 2017.

Scott J Cobb, Matt Georg E, Wrocklage Kristen M, Crnich Cassandra, Jordan Jessica, Southwick Steven M, Krystal John H, Schweinsburg Brian C: A quantitative meta-analysis of neurocognitive functioning in posttraumatic stress disorder. Psychological bulletin 141(1): 105-40, Jan 2015.

Wrocklage Kristen M, Schweinsburg Brian C, Krystal John H, Trejo Marcia, Roy Alicia, Weisser Valerie, Moore Tyler M, Southwick Steven M, Scott J Cobb: Neuropsychological Functioning in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Associations with Performance Validity, Comorbidities, and Functional Outcomes. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS 22(4): 399-411, Apr 2016.

Scott J Cobb, Woods Steven Paul, Wrocklage Kristen M, Schweinsburg Brian C, Southwick Steven M, Krystal John H: Prospective Memory in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS 22(7): 724-34, Aug 2016.

Akiki TJ, Averill CL, Wrocklage KM, Scott JC, Averill LA, Schweinsburg B, Alexander-Bloch A, Martini B, Southwick SM, Krystal JH, & Abdallah CG: Default mode network abnormalities in posttraumatic stress disorder: A novel network-restricted topology approach. NeuroImage 176: 489-498, Aug 2018.

Jones, J. D., Calkins, M. E., Scott, J. C., Bach, E. C., & Gur, R. E. : Cannabis use, polysubstance use, and psychosis spectrum symptoms in a community-based sample of US youth. Journal of Adolescent Health 60(6)(6): 653-659, June 2017.

Moore, T.M., Martin, I.K., Gur, O.M., Jackson, C.T., Scott, J.C., Calkins, M.E., Ruparel, K., Port, A.M., Nivar, I., Krinsky, H.D., Gur, R.E., & Gur, R.C.: Characterizing social environment’s association with neurocognition using census and crime data linked to the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort. Psychological Medicine 46: 599-610, Feb 2016.

Wrocklage, K.M., Averill, L.A., Scott, J.C., Averill, C.L., Schweinsburg, B.C., Trejo, M., Roy, A., Weisser, V., Kelly, C., Martini, B., Harpaz-Rotem, I., Southwick, S.M., Krystal, J.H., & Abdallah, C.G. : Cortical thickness reduction in combat exposed U.S. veterans with and without PTSD. European Neuropsychopharmacology 27(5): 515-525, May 2017.

Moore Tyler M, Scott J Cobb, Reise Steven P, Port Allison M, Jackson Chad T, Ruparel Kosha, Savitt Adam P, Gur Raquel E, Gur Ruben C: Development of an abbreviated form of the Penn Line Orientation Test using large samples and computerized adaptive test simulation. Psychological assessment 27(3): 955-64, Sep 2015.

Scott J Cobb, Pietrzak Robert H, Southwick Steven M, Jordan Jessica, Silliker Norman, Brandt Cynthia A, Haskell Sally G: Military sexual trauma interacts with combat exposure to increase risk for posttraumatic stress symptomatology in female Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The Journal of clinical psychiatry 75(6): 637-43, Jun 2014.

Pietrzak Robert H, Scott J Cobb, Neumeister Alexander, Lim Yen Ying, Ames David, Ellis Kathryn A, Harrington Karra, Lautenschlager Nicola T, Szoeke Cassandra, Martins Ralph N, Masters Colin L, Villemagne Victor L, Rowe Christopher C, Maruff Paul: Anxiety symptoms, cerebral amyloid burden and memory decline in healthy older adults without dementia: 3-year prospective cohort study. The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science 204: 400-1, 2014.

Scott J Cobb, Woods Steven Paul, Vigil Ofilio, Heaton Robert K, Grant Igor, Ellis Ronald J, Marcotte Thomas D: Script generation of activities of daily living in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS 17(4): 740-5, Jul 2011.

Tsai Jack, Whealin Julia M, Scott J Cobb, Harpaz-Rotem Ilan, Pietrzak Robert H: Examining the relation between combat-related concussion, a novel 5-factor model of posttraumatic stress symptoms, and health-related quality of life in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The Journal of clinical psychiatry 73(8): 1110-8, Aug 2012.

Scott J Cobb, Pietrzak Robert H, Mattocks Kristin, Southwick Steven M, Brandt Cynthia, Haskell Sally: Gender differences in the correlates of hazardous drinking among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Drug and alcohol dependence 127(1-3): 15-22, Jan 2013.

Morgan Erin E, Woods Steven Paul, Smith Christine, Weber Erica, Scott J Cobb, Grant Igor: Lower cognitive reserve among individuals with syndromic HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND). AIDS and behavior 16(8): 2279-85, Nov 2012.

Schweinsburg Brian C, Scott J Cobb, Schweinsburg Alecia Dager, Jacobus Joanna, Theilmann Rebecca J, Frank Larry R, Weber Erica, Grant Igor, Woods Steven Paul: Altered prefronto-striato-parietal network response to mental rotation in HIV. Journal of neurovirology 18(1): 74-9, Feb 2012.

Scott J Cobb, Woods Steven Paul, Vigil Ofilio, Heaton Robert K, Schweinsburg Brian C, Ellis Ronald J, Grant Igor, Marcotte Thomas D: A neuropsychological investigation of multitasking in HIV infection: implications for everyday functioning. Neuropsychology 25(4): 511-9, Jul 2011.

Scott J Cobb, Woods Steven Paul, Carey Catherine L, Weber Erica, Bondi Mark W, Grant Igor: Neurocognitive consequences of HIV infection in older adults: an evaluation of the "cortical" hypothesis. AIDS and behavior 15(6): 1187-96, Aug 2011.

Iudicello Jennifer E, Woods Steven P, Vigil Ofilio, Scott J Cobb, Cherner Mariana, Heaton Robert K, Atkinson J Hampton, Grant Igor: Longer term improvement in neurocognitive functioning and affective distress among methamphetamine users who achieve stable abstinence. Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology 32(7): 704-18, Aug 2010.

Morgan Erin E, Woods Steven Paul, Scott J Cobb, Childers Meredith, Beck Jennifer Marquie, Ellis Ronald J, Grant Igor, Heaton Robert K: Predictive validity of demographically adjusted normative standards for the HIV Dementia Scale. Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology 30(1): 83-90, Jan 2008.

Scott J Cobb, Woods Steven Paul, Matt Georg E, Meyer Rachel A, Heaton Robert K, Atkinson J Hampton, Grant Igor: Neurocognitive effects of methamphetamine: a critical review and meta-analysis. Neuropsychology review 17(3): 275-97, Sep 2007.

Woods Steven Paul, Delis Dean C, Scott J Cobb, Kramer Joel H, Holdnack James A: The California Verbal Learning Test--second edition: test-retest reliability, practice effects, and reliable change indices for the standard and alternate forms. Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the official journal of the National Academy of Neuropsychologists 21(5): 413-20, Aug 2006.

Scott J Cobb, Woods Steven Paul, Patterson Katherine A, Morgan Erin E, Heaton Robert K, Grant Igor, Marcotte Thomas D: Recency effects in HIV-associated dementia are characterized by deficient encoding. Neuropsychologia 44(8): 1336-43, 2006.

Neylan Thomas C, Jasiukaitis Paul A, Lenoci Maryann, Scott James C, Metzler Thomas J, Weiss Daniel S, Schoenfeld Frank B, Marmar Charles R: Temporal instability of auditory and visual event-related potentials in posttraumatic stress disorder. Biological psychiatry 53(3): 216-25, Feb 2003.

Casaletto, K.B., Umlauf, A., Moore, D.J., Woods, S.P., Scott, J.C., Heaton, R.K. : Abbreviated Goal Management Training Shows Preliminary Evidence as a Neurorehabilitation Tool for HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders among Substance Users. The Clinical Neuropsychologist 30: 107-30, Jan 2016.

Kaczkurkin Antonia N, Moore Tyler M, Ruparel Kosha, Ciric Rastko, Calkins Monica E, Shinohara Russell T, Elliott Mark A, Hopson Ryan, Roalf David R, Vandekar Simon N, Gennatas Efstathios D, Wolf Daniel H, Scott J Cobb, Pine Daniel S, Leibenluft Ellen, Detre John A, Foa Edna B, Gur Raquel E, Gur Ruben C, Satterthwaite Theodore D: Elevated Amygdala Perfusion Mediates Developmental Sex Differences in Trait Anxiety. Biological Psychiatry 80(10): 775-785, Nov 2016.

Kalkstein Solomon, Scott J Cobb, Biester Rosette, Brownlow Janeese A, Harpaz-Rotem Ilan, Gur Ruben C: Comparison of Blast-Exposed OEF/OIF Veterans with and without a History of TBI Symptoms on a Brief Computerized Neuropsychological Battery. Applied Neuropsychology: Adult Page: 92-97, Feb 2017.

Jones, J. D., Scott, J. C., Calkins, M. E. Ruparel, K., Moore, T. M., Gur, R. C., & Gur, R. E.: Correspondence between adolescent and informant reports of substance use: Findings from the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort. Addictive Behaviors 65: 13-18, Sep 2016.

Akiki, T.J., Averill, C.L., Wrocklage, K.M., Schweinsburg, B.C., Scott, J.C., Martini, B., Averill, L.A., Southwick, S.M., Krystal, J.H., & Abdallah, C.G. : The Association of PTSD Symptom Severity with Localized Hippocampus and Amygdala Atrophy. Chronic Stress 1, Feb 2017.

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