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Heather J Nuske

Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Research Associate, Penn Center for Mental Health
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Penn Center for Mental Health
3535 Market Street, 3rd Floor
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.A. (Psychology)
La Trobe University, 2008.
Ph.D. (Psychology)
La Trobe University, 2014.
Post-Graduate Training
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, 2014-2015.
Visiting Research Fellow, University of London, London, England, 2014-2015.
Visiting Research Fellow, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2015-2015.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2016-2019.
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Selected Publications

Maddox, B. B., Rump, K. M., Stahmer, A. C., Suhrheinrich, J., Rieth, S. R., Nahmias, A. S., Nuske, H. J., Reisinger, E. M., Crabbe, S. R., Bronstein, B., & Mandell, D. S.: Concordance Between a U.S. Educational Autism Classification and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology 49(4): 469-475, July-August 2020.

Hepach, R., Hedley, D., & Nuske, H. J. : Prosocial Attention in Children With and Without an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 48(4): 589-605, April 2020.

Lushin, V., Mandell, D., Beidas, R., Marcus, S., Nuske, H. J., Kaploun, V., Seidman, M., Gaston, D., and Locke, J. : Trajectories of Evidence Based Treatment for School Children with Autism: What’s the Right Level for the Implementation? Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 50: 881-892, March 2020.

Korbut, S., Sahin, E., Hedley, D., & Nuske, H. J.: Temperament Predicts Challenging Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 5. Elsevier March 2020 Notes: E-pub ahead of Print.

Vivanti, G.: Ask the Editor: What is the Most Appropriate Way to Talk About Individuals with a Diagnosis of Autism? Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders Page: 691-693, February 2020.

Nuske, H. J., Becker-Haimes, E., Ramesh, B., Buck, J., Zentgraf, K., & Mandell, D. S.: Contrasting Participatory Design Methods for the Development of Implementation Strategies. Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health Arlington, VA December 2019.

Mandell, D.S. & Nuske, H. J.: The Potential of Digital Health for Augmenting (not replacing) Autism Treatments Autism Science Foundation – Day of Learning October 2019.

Mandell, D. S., Nuske, H. J., & Becker-Haimes, E.: Leveraging Normative Pressure to Increase Data Collection among Therapists Working with Children with Autism. Society for Implementation Research Collaboration Seattle, Washington September 2019.

Nuske, H. J., Finkel, E., Tomczuk, L., Forsyth, D., Kushleyeva, Y., Hedley, D., Pennington, J. W., Masino, A., Dissanayake, C., Bonafide, C. & Herrington, J.: Reduced Internal Physiological and External Communicative Emotional Concordance in Children with Autism. Society for Psychophysiology Research Washington D.C. September 2019.

Nuske, H. J., Pellecchia, M., Lushin, V., Rump, K., Seidman, M., Ouellette, R. R., Cooney, D., Maddox, B., Lawson, G. M., Song, A., Reisinger, E. M. & Mandell, D. S. : Do Student Characteristics Affect Teachers’ Decisions to use 1:1 Instruction? Society for Implementation Research Collaboration Seattle, Washington September 2019.

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