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Heather Joy Nuske

Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Penn Center for Mental Health
3535 Market Street, 3rd Floor
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2157466041
B.A.(Hons) (Psychology)
La Trobe University, 2008.
Ph.D. (Psychology)
La Trobe University, 2014.
Post-Graduate Training
Visiting Research Fellow, University of London, London, England, 2014-2015.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, 2014-2015.
Visiting Research Fellow, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2015-2015.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2016-2019.
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Description of Research Expertise

My research is dedicated to utilizing digital mental health technology to support the implementation of evidence-based practices for individuals with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. A particular area of research focus is on measuring and supporting emotion regulation in children on the autism spectrum, using digital mental health platforms combined with psychophysiological indices and treatment approaches such as social and emotional learning programs, mindfulness-based approaches and emotion regulation training. I use community-partnered participatory research and user-centered design methods and conduct mixed-method randomized controlled trials to answer implementation- and efficacy/effectiveness-related questions about the digital mental health technologies and interventions.

Selected Publications

Nuske, H. J., & Mandell, D. S. : Digital health should augment (not replace) autism treatment providers Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice 25(7): 1825-1827, August 2021.

Nuske, H. J., Buck, J., Ramesh, B., Becker-Haimes, E. M., Zentgraf, K., & Mandell, D. S.: Making progress monitoring easier and more motivating: Developing a client data collection app incorporating user-centered design and behavioral economics insights. MDPI Social Sciences March 2022.

Nuske, H. J., Finkel, E., Tomczuk, L., Hedley, D., Pellecchia, M., Parma, V., Herrington, J., Marcus, S., Mandell, D., & Dissanayake, C.: Heart Rate Increase Predicts Challenging Behavior Episodes in Pre-Schoolers with Autism. Stress: The International Journal on the Biology of Stress 22(3): 303-311, March 2019.

Nuske, H. J., Kushleyeva, Y., Forsyth, D., Pennington, J., Masino, A., Finkel, E., Bhattacharya, A., Bonafide,C., & Herrington, J. : Evaluating commercially available wireless cardiovascular monitors for measuring and transmitting real‐time physiological responses in children with autism. Autism Research January 2022.

Nuske, H. J., Pellecchia, M., Kane, C., Seidman, M., Maddox, B. B., Freeman, L. M., ... & Mandell, D. S. : Self-regulation is bi-directionally associated with cognitive development in children with autism. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 68, May 2020.

Pellecchia, M., Mandell, D. S., Nuske, H. J., Azad, G., Wolk, C. B., Maddox, B. B., Reisinger, E. M., Skriner, L. C., Adams, D. R., Stewart, R., Hadley, T., and Beidas, R. S: Community-academic partnerships in implementation research. Journal of Community Psychology 46(4): 941-952, April 2018.

Nuske, H. J., Hedley, D., Woollacott, A., Thomson, P., Macari, S., & Dissanayake, C.: Developmental delays in emotion regulation strategies in preschoolers with autism. Autism Research 10(11): 1808-1822, November 2017.

Nuske, H. J., Vivanti, G., Hudry, K., & Dissanayake, C.: Pupillometry reveals reduced unconscious emotional reactivity in autism. Biological Psychology 101: 24-35, September 2014.

Nuske, H. J., Vivanti, G., & Dissanayake, C. : Are Emotion Impairments Unique to, Universal, or Specific in Autism Spectrum Disorder? A Comprehensive Review. Cognition & Emotion 27(6): 1042 - 1061, February 2013.

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