Who We Are

The Neurodevelopment & Psychosis Section has evolved into two larger-scale programs: The Schizophrenia Research Center and the Brain Behavior Laboratory.

Schizophrenia Research Center

The Schizophrenia Research Center provides clinical, research and educational opportunities and has multiple collaborations across the US and abroad. A major effort is to identify young people who are at risk for psychosis and intervene early to restore functioning.

Brain Behavior Laboratory

The Brain Behavior Laboratory is devoted to the study of the brain and behavior in healthy people and individuals with brain disorders through the use of behavioral measures combined with structural and functional neuroimaging. The current focus of the laboratory is to integrate multi-modal behavioral and neuroimaging methods with genomics in order to understand typical neurodevelopment and identify abnormalities associated with brain disorders. We are interested in cognition, emotion and olfaction and how deficits relate to symptoms and functioning in people with psychosis.

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