Congratulations Michael Levin!

Recipient of the Doris Duke Foundation award for: Genetically Informed Targeting of Interleukin-6 Signaling to Treat Peripheral Artery Disease!


Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Received K24 Grant for: Mentoring in Patient-Oriented Research in Deep Phenotyping in Cardio-Oncology

Bonnie Ky

Congratulations Jae Woo Jung and Jonathan Edwards!

Awarded “Best Poster” at the American Heart Association’s BCVS Meeting

Jae and Jonathan



Congratulations Kiran Musunuru & William Peranteau!

Received $26.5M NIH NINDS U19 Grant for: Postnatal and Prenatal Therapeutic Base Editing for Metabolic Diseases

Kiran Musunuru and William Peranteau

Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Appointed Chair on the Clinical Integrative Cardiovascular and Hematological Sciences Study Section

Bonnie Ky

Congratulations Sharlene Day!

Named the Joseph Nicholson Lecturer at Tufts School of Medicine

Sharlene Day

Congratulations Maria Basil!

Promoted to Assistant Professor

Maria Basil

Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Appointed Professor with Tenure

Bonnie Ky

Congratulations Arndt Siekmann!

Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Arndt Siekmann

Congratulations Rajan Jain!

Appointed Associate Professor with Tenure

Rajan Jain

Congratulations Scott Damrauer!

Received VA Merit Award for: Leveraging the Genetics of Carotid Stenosis for Identifying Novel Risk Factors and Therapeutic Opportunities

Scott Damrauer

Congratulations Daniel Kelly!

2023 Peter Harris Distinguished Scientist Awardee, International Society for Heart Research

Daniel Kelly

These are the talented and enthusiastic group of undergraduate students doing research at the Penn CVI this summer, supported by funding by the American Heart Association. Welcome!


Congrats to Rajan Jain

Awarded an NHLBI R35! See press release:


Congratulations Rajan Jain and Edward Morrisey!

Received NHLBI R01 grant for: Mechanical signaling through the nuclear membrane in lung alveolar health


Congratulations Maria Basil!

Received the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award for Medical Scientists for: The Molecular Regulation of a novel Distal Airway Progenitor in COPD


Congratulations Zoltan Arany!

Received NIH/NIDDK R01 grant for: Quantification of fuel use in cold-induced thermogenesis in vivo


Congratulations Zoltan Arany!

Elected to the Sarnoff Scientific Council

Zoltan Arany

Congratulations Kiran Musunuru!

Recipient of the 2023 Jane M. Glick Graduate Student Teaching Award


Daniel Kelly delivers annual Association of American Physicians (AAP) Presidential address

Replenishing the Physician-Scientist pipeline in the Post-Late Bloomer Era


Congratulations Rajan Jain!

Received R35 grant for: Deciphering how 3D genome organization orchestrates
cardiac cellular identity

Rajan Jain

Congratulations Saman Nazarian!

Inducted into the American Society for Clinical Investigation


Congratulations Wumesh Kc!

Selected for the Measey Scholars Program


Congratulations Rajan Jain!

Elected to the Council of the American Society for Clinical Investigation

Rajan Jain

Congratulations Caitlyn Bowman!

Winner of the UPenn HFpEF Symposium Young Investigator’s Competition


Congratulations Elizabeth Pruzinsky!

PennCVI Winner of the Kroc Symposium Poster Contest

Elizabeth Pruzinsky

Congratulations Michael Ibrahim!

Received NHLBI K99-R00 grant for: Molecular mechanisms of load-induced T-tubule regulation in the mammalian heart



Congratulations Zoltan Arany!

Elected to the Council of the Association of American Physicians

Zoltan Arany

Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Appointed as Director of the Thalheimer Center for Cardio-Oncology

Bonnie Ky

Congratulations Matthew Jolley and Liming Pei!

2022 Single Ventricle Research Fund (SVRF) Awardees

Matthew Jolley and Liming Pei

Congratulations Liming Pei and Douglas Wallace!

Received NIH grant for Novel Biological Insights by Utilizing Mitochondrial Genome Information from HuBMAP Resources

Liming and Doug

Congratulations Liming Pei and Kenneth Margulies!

Received NIH U54 grant for Center for Multidimensional Atlas of the Human Heart

Liming and Ken

Congratulations Liming Pei!

Recipient of an American Heart Association Established Investigator Award

Liming Pei

Congratulations Daniel Kelly!

Assumed the Rachel Ash Presidential Scholar Endowed Chair in CardioVascular Research

Dan Kelly

Congratulations Sharlene Day!

Received the John Morgan Professorship from the Penn Department of Medicine

Sharlene Day

Dinner with Dr. Dale Abel

Joint IDOM/CVI Seminar, May 9-10

Dale Abel

Congratulations Justin Berger!

Dept. of Pediatrics K12-Child Health Research Career Development Award


Congratulations Dan Kelly!

Named Founding Director of the CHOP CVI!

Dan Kelly

Congratulations to Mark Kahn and his Team!

Awarded AHA grant from for studies of Mechanisms Underlying COVID-19 Associated Vascular Thrombosis

Mark Kahn

Congratulations Dan Kelly!

Inducted as President of the Association of American Physicians


Congratulations Bonnie Ky, Kiran Musunuru, and Kenneth Margulies!

Inducted as New Members into the Association of American Physicians

Bonnie, Kiran, Ken

Congratulations Kenneth Margulies!

The Edward S Copper Honoree at the AHA Heart Ball 2022


New Therapeutic Targets in Cardiovascular Diseases

This collection of reviews, developed by Daniel P. Kelly, explores emerging strategies for treating a range of cardiac pathologies & advances in cardiovascular medicine.


Congratulations Senthil Selvaraj and Michael Levin!

Selected as 2022 Emerging- Generation Awardees from the American Society for Clinical Investigation

Senthil Michael

Congratulations Sharlene Day!

Named Associate Editor for Translational Science for JAMA Cardiology


Congratulations Zoltan Arany!

Awarded 3 year Grant from the Alzheimer's Foundation: Selective mTOR Inhibition to Treat Alzheimer's Disease


Congratulations Nathan Coffey!

Awarded F30 Titled: The Role of Branched Chain Amino Acids in Renal Cell Cancer

Nate Coffey

Congratulations Marie Guerraty!

Received the Heart to Heart Grant from the Alpha Phi Foundation


Congratulations David Frank!

Received the ASCI 2022 Young Physician-Scientist Award

David Frank

Congratulations Rajan Jain!

Elected Member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation

Rajan Jain

Congratulations Megan Blair!

Awarded F31 Titled: Investigating Branched Chain Amino Acid Oxidation in Skeletal Muscle and its Contribution to Insulin Resistance


Congratulations Marc Bornstein!

Awarded F30 Titled: Exploring the Role of Lactate in Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis


Congratulations Julio Chirinos!

Elected Member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation


Congratulations Michael Ibrahim!

Received a Thoracic Surgery Foundation Award

Michael Ibrahim

Congratulations Marie Guerraty!

Received the ACSI 2022 Young Physician-Scientist Award

Marie Guerraty

Congratulations Marie Guerraty!

Penn/CHOP Cares Program Grant Awardee

Marie Guerraty

Congratulations Michael Noji!

Awarded F31 Titled: The role of branched-chain amino acid metabolism and hyperinsulinemia in pancreatic cancer

Mike Noji

Congratulations Marie Guerraty!

Recipient of the WW Smith Charitable Trust Award for Heart Research

Marie Guerraty