Congratulations Xiao Wang!

Awarded her first R01 entitled "Corrective Editing to Treat Phenylketonuria"

Congratulations Alan Tang!

Awarded the Penn Measey Scholar in Molecular Medicine

Alan T

Congratulations Alexia Vite!

Awarded the American Heart Association’s Career Development Award and the Second Century Early Faculty Independence Award


Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Received the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentorship (PURM) Award and the Grant for Faculty Mentoring Undergraduate Research (GfMUR)


Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Elected to the Association of University Cardiologists


Congratulations Justin Berger!

Received the American Heart Association’s Career Development Award for: Probing the mechanism of SGLT2 inhibitors in heart failure


Congratulations Zoltan Arany!

Elected Secretary of the Association of American Physicians Council


Congratulations Julio Chirinos!

Elected President of the North American Artery Society


Congratulations Marie Guerraty!

Received NIBIB’s R21 Trailblazer Award for: Angiography-derived Imaging Biomarkers of the Coronary Microcirculation


Congratulations Christopher McAllister!

Received NOA for American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship


Congratulations Benjamin Lee!

Received the American Society for Clinical Investigation's Emerging-Generation Award


Congratulations Maria Basil!

Received the American Society for Clinical Investigation's Young Physician-Scientist Award


 Congratulations Kaitlyn Shen!

Received NOA for American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Kaitlyn Shen

Congratulations Zachary Gardner!

Received NOA for American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Zachary Gardner

Congratulations Scott Damrauer!

Elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation

Scott Damrauer

Congratulations Daniel Kelly!

The 2023 Association of American Physicians (AAP) Presidential Address: Replenishing the physicial-scientist pipline in the post-late bloomer era


Congrats Dream Teams!


Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Named the Thomas Force Lecturer at the 2023 HFSA Scientific Meeting



Congratulations Marie Guerraty, Jayaram Udupa, and Drew Torigian !

AIM-AHEAD Consortium Development Program Awardee Hybrid intelligence approaches to identify angiography-based imaging biomarkers of coronary microvascular disease and reduce healthcare disparities


Congratulations Diana Fulmer!

Additional Ventures 2023 Catalyst to Independence Awardee


Congratulations to Julio Chirinos!

Invited to give the McDonald Lecture at the Artery Society’s Annual Meeting in Germany


Congratulations Michael Levin!

Recipient of the Doris Duke Foundation award for: Genetically Informed Targeting of Interleukin-6 Signaling to Treat Peripheral Artery Disease!


Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Received K24 Grant for: Mentoring in Patient-Oriented Research in Deep Phenotyping in Cardio-Oncology

Bonnie Ky

Congratulations Jae Woo Jung and Jonathan Edwards!

Awarded “Best Poster” at the American Heart Association’s BCVS Meeting

Jae and Jonathan



Congratulations Kiran Musunuru & William Peranteau!

Received $26.5M NIH NINDS U19 Grant for: Postnatal and Prenatal Therapeutic Base Editing for Metabolic Diseases

Kiran Musunuru and William Peranteau

Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Appointed Chair on the Clinical Integrative Cardiovascular and Hematological Sciences Study Section

Bonnie Ky

Congratulations Sharlene Day!

Named the Joseph Nicholson Lecturer at Tufts School of Medicine

Sharlene Day

Congratulations Maria Basil!

Promoted to Assistant Professor

Maria Basil

Congratulations Bonnie Ky!

Appointed Professor with Tenure

Bonnie Ky

Congratulations Arndt Siekmann!

Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Arndt Siekmann

Congratulations Rajan Jain!

Appointed Associate Professor with Tenure

Rajan Jain

Congratulations Scott Damrauer!

Received VA Merit Award for: Leveraging the Genetics of Carotid Stenosis for Identifying Novel Risk Factors and Therapeutic Opportunities

Scott Damrauer

Congratulations Daniel Kelly!

2023 Peter Harris Distinguished Scientist Awardee, International Society for Heart Research

Daniel Kelly

These are the talented and enthusiastic group of undergraduate students doing research at the Penn CVI this summer, supported by funding by the American Heart Association. Welcome!


Congrats to Rajan Jain

Awarded an NHLBI R35! See press release:


Congratulations Rajan Jain and Edward Morrisey!

Received NHLBI R01 grant for: Mechanical signaling through the nuclear membrane in lung alveolar health


Congratulations Maria Basil!

Received the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award for Medical Scientists for: The Molecular Regulation of a novel Distal Airway Progenitor in COPD


Congratulations Zoltan Arany!

Received NIH/NIDDK R01 grant for: Quantification of fuel use in cold-induced thermogenesis in vivo


Congratulations Zoltan Arany!

Elected to the Sarnoff Scientific Council

Zoltan Arany

Congratulations Kiran Musunuru!

Recipient of the 2023 Jane M. Glick Graduate Student Teaching Award


Daniel Kelly delivers annual Association of American Physicians (AAP) Presidential address

Replenishing the Physician-Scientist pipeline in the Post-Late Bloomer Era