Director: Mark L. Kahn, M.D.


Vascular networks are an integral component of every organ in the body, and play a role in all human diseases. The past two decades have seen an explosion in our understanding of vascular biology and function that has led to new insights into vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, and vascular malformations, the contribution of the vasculature to diseases as varied as cancer, autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, and the development of new therapies based on regulating vascular responses. The primary goal of the Center for Vascular Biology is to support basic science and translational efforts to understand the biology of the blood and lymphatic vascular systems and their participation in human disease. It seeks to (i) integrate and advance the efforts of a very diverse set of members interested in vascular cell biology, vascular cell signal transduction, mechanical forces in the vasculature, and vascular function in non-vascular human diseases, (ii) bridge the work and interests of basic scientists with those of clinicians to develop new mechanistic insights and therapies, (iii) support trainees interested in pursuing vascular research, and (iv) provide outreach to patients with vascular diseases.


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