Faculty participation is key to the success of our students and program. To remain in GCB, faculty members are expected to contribute in the functioning and activities of the group in a substantive way. Below is a list of activities faculty can participate in. If you'd like to join GCB, please send a letter of interest and your CV to the program coordinator

Program Committees

  • Admissions Committee Member
  • Advising Committee Member
  • Curriculum Committee Member

Student Committees

  • Serve on a student’s candidacy exam committee
  • Serve on a student’s thesis committee


  • Direct a GCB course
  • Lecture in a GCB course
  • Lead a Candidacy Exam Workshop


  • Interview prospective MD-PhD and PhD students
  • Attend recruitment events (lunch and dinner)
  • Give a recruitment talk

Chalk Talks

  • Give a chalk talk
  • Attend at least two chalk talks per year

GCB Retreat

  • Attend the IBI/GCB Retreat
  • Give a talk at the Retreat
  • Interact with students at the poster session


  • Encourage students to apply for fellowships
  • Help students prepare their fellowship applications

Training Grant

  • Administer the training grant
  • Serve on the training grant selection committee

BGS Activities

  • Lead an RCR Training Session
  • Represent GCB on a BGS committee

FYI, mentoring a GCB student in a rotation or on their thesis project is not considered adequate in and of itself to maintain membership in GCB.