GGEB Faculty and Student Awards

Individual Research Fellowships (Students)

Tuhina Srivastava - 1F31MD016796-01A1: Identifying Vulnerable Communities for Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Neil Dhopeshwarkar - 1F32HL154519-01: Major Bleeding with Ibrutinib in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Darcy Ellis -5F31NS103445-02: Incidence and Predictors for Fluoroquinolone-Induced Neurological Dysfunction

Tara Friebel - 1F31CA254075-01A1: Cervical Cancer in Botswana: Identifying Demographic, Clinical and Geographical Features

Erin Schnellinger - 5F31HL149338-03: Accounting for Survivor Bias in Lung Allocation

Amelia Van Pelt - 1F31HD101346-01A1: Preparing for Use of a Computerized Battery to Identify Neruocognitive Impairments Among HIV-Affected Youth in Botswana

Alexa Woodward - 5F31LM013583-02: Rule-Based Machine Learning to Address Heterogeneity in High-Dimensional Survival Data

Zihe Zheng - 5F31DK122683-02: Adiposity-Obesity-Related Subgroups Discovery and Metabolomics Analysis for Chronic Kidney Disease


Faculty Awards

The GGEB Faculty Teaching Award

This award recognizes outstanding teaching by a faculty member of a GGEB course. Criteria for selection include innovative contributions to curriculum development, excellence in classroom teaching, development of novel approaches to teaching and personal qualities of student mentoring. 

Nominations: Students will be asked to nominate a faculty member. 

Selection: Selection will be made by the GGEB Awards Committee in May or June.


Jane M. Glick Teaching Award 

The Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Training was established in 1993 to recognize excellence in graduate student teaching. This award was renamed in 2009 as the Jane M. Glick Graduate Student Teaching Award, in remembrance of Jane Glick, PhD, and her dedication to graduate student teaching.

Student Awards

Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award: 

This Award recognizes outstanding contributions from teaching assistants. Dedication and creativity in activities related to curriculum development, classroom teaching, student support and assessment will be recognized. 

Nominations: Faculty and students from the class will nominate student teachers at the conclusion of each semester.  

Selection: Selection will be made by the GGEB Awards committee. 

The Tom TenHave Student Leadership & Engagement Award

The Student Leadership & Engagement Award recognizes a student whose contributions support the larger GGEB academic community, who advances the interests of fellow graduate students and who improves their quality of lifeExamples of leadership and engagement could include involvement in:

  • Non-academic programs benefiting the GGEB e.g. leadership in student recruiting and peer mentoring
  • University or Graduate Group academic committees
  • Organizations or activities supporting graduate student interests on campus or in the community
  • Activities related to development and/or activity with service programs
  • Local or national organizations whose activities benefit GGEB graduate students
  • Activities advancing an inclusive climate and culture

Nominations: At the conclusion of each academic year, faculty and students will be asked to nominate student leaders. 

Selection: Selection will be made by the GGEB Awards Committee. 


Other Awards

Jonathan Raz Award                                     

Saul Winegrad Award                                       

ENAR Distinguished Student Paper                                             

Deming Student Scholar Award 

GlaxoSmithKline Scholar Award

SCT Thomas C. Chalmers Student Scholarship