Soslowsky Laboratory

Harina Raja

Harina Raja

Research Assistant

University of Pennsylvania


Philadelphia, Pa

Areas of Special Interest

Muscle and tendon biomechanics


M.S. Anatomy and Pathology, 2015, Drexel University
B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology, 2011, Drexel University

Conference Abstracts

Freedman BR, Fryhofer GW, Salka NS, Raja H, Hillin CD, Nuss CA, Farber DC, Soslowsky LJ. Mechanical and Histological, But Not Functional, Properties Remain Inferior in Conservatively Treated Achilles Tendons in Rodents: Long Term Evaluation. Trans Orthop Res Soc, San Diego, CA, 2017.


Harina joined the McKay Orthopedic Research Laboratory in May 2016.

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