Soslowsky Laboratory

Ryan Leiphart

Ryan Leiphart

Graduate Student in Bioengineering

University of Pennsylvania


Bend, Oregon


B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2016, University of Virginia

Areas of Interest

Mechanotransduction and the role of lower abundance matrix proteins in tendon homeostasis, healing, and aging.


Leiphart RJ, Chen D, Peredo AP, Loneker AE, Janmey PA. Mechanosensing at cellular interfaces. Langmuir. 2018. doi:10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b02841.

Freedman BR, Rodriguez AB, Leiphart RJ, Newton JB, Ban E, Sarver JJ, Mauck RL, Shenoy VB, Soslowsky LJ. Dynamic Loading and Tendon Healing Affect Multiscale Tendon Properties and ECM Stress Transmission. Sci Rep. 2018 June.

Heuslein JL, Murrell KP, Leiphart RJ, Meisner JK, Llewellyn RA, Bouton AH, Price RJ. Vascular growth responses to chronic arterial occlusion are unaffected by myeloid specific focal adhesion kinase (FAK) deletion. PLoS ONe. May, 2016.

Heuslein JL, Meisner JK, Li X, Song J, Vincentelli H, Leiphart RJ, Ames EG, Blackman BR, Price RJ. Mechanisms of amplified arteriogenesis in collateral artery segments exposed to reversed flow direction. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. September, 2015.

Conference Abstracts and Presentations

Leiphart RJ, Shetye SS, Pham H, Weiss SN, Young MF, Soslowsky LJ. Collagen VI plays an important role in FDL tendon mechanics that is distinct from the role of biglycan [Poster]. Orthopedic Research Society Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, USA, 2019.

Leiphart RJ, Fortman E, Henry CH. Design of novel bioprinted tissue engineered muscle repair (TEMR) constructs for functional restoration of irrecoverable muscle injuries and similar conditions [Presentation]. University of Virginia Annual Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium, Charlottesville, VA, April, 2016.

Leiphart RJ, Heuslein JL, Song J, Price RJ. Inhibition of microRNA-199a induces arteriogenesis and enhances downstream perfusion in mice following arterial ligation [Poster]. BMES Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL, November, 2015.


Tendon Section Poster Award Winner, 2019 Orthopedic Research Society Annual Meeting

Graduate Research Fellowship Award Winner, 2017 National Science Foundation

Best Design Project, 2016 University of Virginia Annual Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium.


Ryan joined the McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory in the fall of 2016 and is currently working towards the completion of his graduate studies in the Department of Bioengineering. When he's not researching, Ryan enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, exploring the eastern seaboard, beating the lab in Fantasy Football, and keeping a positive attitude.


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