Dyment Laboratory

Talayah Johnson

Bioengineering PhD Student
University of Pennsylvania

Chicago, IL

-B.S, Biology, 2019, Penn State University
-M.S, Biomechanics-Kinesiology, 2021, Penn State University 

Areas of Special Interest:
I am interested in researching how loading influences tendon formation and maturation to help improve regenerative solutions. In my free time I enjoy kickboxing, binge watching Netflix series and traveling. 

1. Ross, C., Smith, J. G., Manenzhe, T., Netshiongolwe, R., Johnson, T., Caldwell, A., Maphula, A., & Ingersoll, K. S. (2021). South African university women's perspectives on intimate partner violence: a qualitative study of reactions to a tailored vignette. Culture, health & sexuality, 1–17. Advance online publication. 
2. Brown, J. B., Summers, H. R., Brown, L. A., Marchant, J., Canova, P. N., O'Hern, C. T., Abbott, S. T., Nyaunu, C., Maxwell, S., Johnson, T., Moser, M. B., Ablan, S. D., Carter, H., Freed, E. O., & Summers, M. F. (2020). Structural and Mechanistic Studies of the Rare Myristoylation Signal of the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Journal of molecular biology432(14), 4076–4091.

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