Attestation & Terms of Use

MyMediaSite - Attestation for Use

Acceptable Use

With MyMediaSite, you can capture video with your personal device's in-app camera and edit with built-in tools. Upload the video, pair it with slideshows in split-screen mode, embed captions and quizzes, and add it to a growing, searchable library for your learners, provided the use supports the teaching, research, and healthcare mission of Penn Medicine and complies with all other Penn Medicine policies, including our privacy policies.

Key Requirements

Consent to Record Patients: If your recording will include a patient, you must obtain a written consent to record from the patient prior to making any type of recording — video, audio, and/or photography — of the patient.

Only de-identified patient information should be included in recordings uploaded through MyMediaSite. This means patient names, dates of service, dates of birth, and other identifiers must be omitted, and any patient faces and identifiable markers must be blurred. Exceptions may be approved by both departmental leadership and your assigned Gatekeeper for MyMediaSite.

Consent to Use/Disclose Identifiable Patient Information: Under privacy law, you must have a separate consent to use and share protected health information (PHI) of a patient, including video of a patient. For the rare cases in which you plan to use and share identifiable patient information in MyMediaSite recordings, you must obtain written consent from the patient using the consent to use and disclose PHI through recordings.

Documentation: Copies of consents must be provided to your assigned Gatekeeper for MyMediaSite. Gatekeepers must maintain these consents.

Appropriate Distribution: You are responsible for determining the appropriate distribution and access to content that you upload and for setting the appropriate restrictions and permissions to this content.

Security: Pursuant to Penn policy and for security and privacy purposes, any recordings that include confidential information (including but not limited to patient health information) must be stored and transmitted using Penn Medicine-managed devices, servers, and Penn Medicine-approved services, including MyMediaSite.

Consent of Other Individuals: When recording individuals other than patients, including staff, you must also obtain consent to record. In this case, verbal consent suffices, provided it is documented.

Intellectual Property: Content may not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others or the privacy or publicity rights of others.

Job-Related: Content must pertain to job-related activities within the scope of your employment with Penn Medicine. Personal use is not permitted.

Prohibitions: You may not upload or stream discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, or threatening content.

In short, you are expected to use MyMediaSite responsibly, for job-related activities, in compliance with Penn Medicine standards of privacy, security and conduct.

MyMediaSite - Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use ("Terms") describe acceptable use and apply to all members of the Penn Medicine community who have access to the Sonic Foundry MyMediaSite platform ("MyMediaSite"). Your use of MyMediaSite is permitted and encouraged where the use supports the teaching and healthcare goals and objectives of Penn Medicine and complies with all other Penn Medicine policies, including our privacy policies. Access to MyMediaSite through Penn Medicine is a privilege, and all users must adhere to these Terms. BY USING MYMEDIASITE, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS; IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE MYMEDIASITE. Violation of these Terms could result in disciplinary and/or legal action by Penn Medicine. You may be held personally liable for damages caused by any violation of these Terms.

Limits on Your Use

  • Prior to uploading Content to MyMediaSite, you are responsible for obtaining all relevant consents, approvals, and licenses, including written consent to record a patient, consent to record a non-patient, and written consent to use and disclose protected health information (PHI) through recordings;
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all content containing patient information has been de-identified unless the appropriate patient consent to use and disclose PHI through recordings has been obtained;
  • MyMediaSite allows for broad distribution of content that you upload. You are responsible for determining the appropriate distribution and access to content that you upload and for setting the appropriate restrictions and permissions to this content;
  • Before you are permitted to access MyMediaSite, you must review and sign the Attestation for Use of MyMediaSite available via KnowledgeLink;
  • You are expected to use MyMediaSite responsibly. Your access to MyMediaSite is limited to job-related activities, only within the scope of your employment with Penn Medicine. Personal use is not permitted;
  • You may only use MyMediaSite in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and Penn Medicine policies;
  • MyMediaSite is licensed to Penn Medicine, and Penn Medicine reserves the right, but is not obligated, to monitor such technology and access to and use of MyMediaSite; and
  • Content streamed or uploaded using MyMediaSite should not contain content that may be unlawful, harmful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, vulgar, obscene, insensitive, or embarrassing to any other person or entity, as determined by Penn Medicine in its sole discretion. This includes, though is not restricted to, the streaming or uploading of vulgar, obscene, or harassing language/images.

Unacceptable Use 

Unacceptable use of MyMediaSite includes, but is not limited to:

  • Uploading or streaming discriminatory, harassing, defamatory or threatening content;
  • Stealing, using, or disclosing someone else's login credentials without authorization;
  • Uploading or streaming content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others or on the privacy or publicity rights of others;
  • Uploading or streaming confidential material, trade secrets, or proprietary information in violation of law, regulation, Penn Medicine policy, or any agreement to which you are subject;
  • Introducing malicious software onto MyMediaSite and/or jeopardizing the security of Penn Medicine’s or its vendors’ systems or networks; and
  • Impersonating, falsely stating or otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with any person or entity.

MyMediaSite is protected by trade dress, copyright, patent and trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws. You are not permitted to (a) modify, translate or change MyMediaSite or any associated software in any manner; (b) decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse-engineer MyMediaSite or any associated software; or (c) remove or modify any copyright, patent, trademark or other legal or proprietary notices or legends affixed to, embedded in, or associated with MyMediaSite or any associated software.

If you are unsure about what constitutes acceptable usage of MyMediaSite, please contact your departments’ designated MyMediaSite Gatekeeper for further guidance and clarification.

Penn Medicine has the right to immediately suspend or terminate your use of or access to MyMediaSite or any portion thereof, for any reason. Content that contains PHI or personally identifiable information of a patient must only be stored on Penn Medicine-managed devices.

By clicking "agree," I confirm that I understand and will abide by the requirements set forth in the above Attestation and Terms of Use.