Maintenance & Housekeeping

Normal Maintenance & Repairs

Everyday "normal" maintenance issues, though inconvenient, are not emergencies. Examples include ...

  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Most lab and office hot/cold temperature complaints (NOTE: It may take up to several hours for you to feel a temperature adjustment. In many cases, the systems are working for an entire building, not just a single office or classroom. Changing the thermostat does not instantly change the temperature.)
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Plumbing issues such as drippy faucets, restroom fixture problems, poorly flushing toilets, etc.
  • Door lock and hardware problems
  • Elevators out of service
Normal Service Requests:
Main Campus (UPenn)

Please click the link (right), enter your PennKey and password, and follow the prompts.
You will receive a confirmation email with the work order number. Please retain this number. You may need to refer to it if an issue arises.

Enter a Request


For HUP occupants, please contact the HUP Physical Plant Help Desk.

Call 215-662-2301

Maintenance Emergencies:   UPenn | 215-898-7208  ♦   HUP | 215-615-5656

Customer Work Requests

These are specific requests outside of normal maintenance activities. Examples include ...

  • Painting
  • New electrical receptacles or utilities
  • Connecting new lab equipment
  • Shelving

Customer work requests require a 26-digit account number. Please download and complete a departmental work request and forward the signed, authorized form to your building administrator, who will submit it for you. A departmental work request must be submitted no less than three (3) weeks prior to the desired completion date.

Normal Housekeeping

  • Regularly:  Normal housekeeping services performed regularly include emptying trash and recycling cans, sweeping and mopping floors, carpet vacuuming, and cleaning and stocking restrooms.
  • Annually:  Services such as high dusting, refinishing hard-surface floors, and interior/exterior window cleaning are performed annually. 

If these normal housekeeping services are not being provided, please contact your building administrator. If you need special housekeeping services, such as detailed cleaning of a lab, please use the departmental work request form.