Project Management & Video Infrastructure


Eric Capozzoli, Associate Director, Enterprise Technology & Project Management | 215-746-6014
Dave Randle, Multimedia Application Specialist | 267-246-0990

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AV Project Management

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Software Specialist – Application Management

  • Mediasite – Video, audio and content capturing, streaming, and playback
  • Carousel – Digital signage and space schedule monitor
  • BlueJeans – Application/cloud-based video conferencing
  • Mersive – Wireless presentation/collaboration
  • Extron GVE – Remote system management

Standards-Based Design and Engineering

CTS Standards:  MTP follows standards-based engineering and design concepts and practices when working with AV integrators on your project. MTP will review and coordinate AV engineering and elevation drawings and confirm that the AV design fits your needs and meets Penn Medicine's technology standards. Adherence to standards in engineering and design practices helps maintain consistency among the AV technology installations and learning spaces across Penn Medicine.

Media Distribution Infrastructure System

  • Broadcasting
  • Recording
  • Technology distribution
  • Cascading of content
  • AV control and support

AV Consultants

The MTP project management team will work with you at every step to meet your technology needs—from concepts through research—to understand your departmental requirements and the high-level outcomes your wish to achieve. Together, we will develop a work scope and a list of requirements that will start the design and engineering process for your project. We will work with the AV integrator to create a conceptual solution and an estimate to guide you along the way. We will discuss alternatives to help you focus on the appropriate solution, right from the start.

Technology Oversight

MTP provides oversight of all multimedia applications and installations across Penn Medicine. Our team will help you bring your technology needs to fruition. After an installation is complete, MTP staff will test and commission the installed technology to confirm proper functionality. MTP will work with the AV integrator to develop a punch list of items that need to be adjusted in order to fine-tune the system for your needs. MTP will also provide technology training and assistance for the users of the space.


Once physical installation is done and commissioning has begun, the system needs to be tested and we must confirm that it meets the initial scope presented by both the customer and the vendor.

Tier-Based AV Solutions

  • Tier 1:  A room (typically a conference room) with a monitor/projector and connections for a device. These rooms may have a fixed in-space PC or Mac and contain HDMI or USB-C connection for devices. (Estimated price: $13K – $20K)
  • Tier 2:  A room equipped like a Tier 1 room that also includes streaming or video conferencing technology. This equipment resides in the space, as it is NOT connected to the Media Distribution Infrastructure System. (Estimated price:  $55K – $95K)
  • Tier 3:  A room that is connected to the MTP fiber network. This space has the same options available in the Tier 1 & 2 rooms. It can be connected to the Media Distribution Infrastructure System. (Estimated price:  $115K – $160K)

Download tier-based solutions diagrams and costs.

Enterprise-Supported AV Technology Solutions

  • Mediasite
  • Mersive
  • Carousel
  • Polycom